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Some days when you hit the gym and you’re not feeling your best, it’s up to your training partner to carry the workout, figuratively. Hopefully, your buddy picks up on your low energy and pumps you up, pushing you to amp up your effort and make the session worth it for you both.

But if you train with reigning World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis, that sentiment might turn literal—as in, he might actually carry you, making you (and everyone else in the immediate vicinity) serve as the load for one of his preposterous strength feats. We’ve seen Licis press former NFL star Rob Gronkowski when the two put in a training session together—but that was just a warmup compared to what happened when Licis dropped in to work at Zoo Culture in Woodland Hills, California, with fitness figures Bradley Martin, Corey Calliet (who worked with Michael B. Jordan on Creed, Black Panther, and other projects), and Jason Poston for a photo shoot.

Licis loaded up a yoke with four very big dudes, including Calliet, then carried all of them for what looked to be just over 10 yards before setting down the rig to celebrate. The text accompanying the video clarified that Licis was carrying about 1,200 pounds with all those passengers—but the strongman was acting like he had just expended as much effort as it might take a normal person to handle a particularly heavy load of groceries. “Carrying people is much harder than weights, almost feels like a chain yoke 😰 Thank you for joining in @mrcalliet , @jasonpostonpro , and other strong gym-goers! 💪,” Licis wrote in an Instagram post sharing the video.

Recently, Licis has been busy training, making appearances, and holding firmly to his place at the top of his sport, winning the Arnold Strongman USA competition earlier this month. He’s well into training for the Arnold Strongman Classic competition in March, so look for more preposterous footage of the King Dragon showing off his strength.

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