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In Germany has stabilised, the number of confirmed infections with the Coronavirus at a low level: at present, the competent Robert-Koch-Institute and the public health offices, several Hundred new infections a day report. The reproduction number is based on the last seven days indicated at 0.87. This means that an Infected person infects on average less than one Person and the infection happen decreases accordingly.

Virologist about Corona-statistics

"I do not want to get banned on small Changes to starren"

Headlines Corona provide currently, however, outbreaks in the German slaughterhouses. Because the workers often live together in a confined space and the work seems to be the Virus is in the Operated particularly effectively spread. Alone in a meat factory in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, Germany, have been since 7. April 399 employees positive to the Virus tested. Also workforces in Coesfeld, Oer-Erkenschwick, Bad Bramstedt (Schleswig-Holstein) and Dissen (lower Saxony) are affected by local outbreaks.

The chain of infection must remain comprehensible

From the infectious point of view of locally sharply defined eruptions, such as these, however, certain advantages in comparison to an uncontrolled spread of with many promising Celts individual cases, the Virologist Melanie Brinkmann, Helmholtz-centre in an Interview with the star explains. And, although both types can increase of outbreaks likewise, the number of new infections in a Region. (The full Interview you can read here.)

“The local and encapsulated an outbreak is done, the better,” says Brinkmann. “It is, for example, makes a big difference, whether an increase in the number of new infections occurs in a single operation or across a district are distributed. If the traceability of the chain of Infection is not given, it is an indication that the Virus is more widespread.”

The infection happen in a County or a city judge, was therefore not only the absolute number of new infections is important. “Last but not least, it also depends on where the new infections have occurred.”

Corona-the upper limit as an emergency brake

In the past few days, numerous nationwide Corona were relaxed pads. Others – such as the Wearing of the mouth, nose and coverings in the retail trade remain, however. It is in a Region within seven days, more than 50 new infections per 100,000 population, need to check with the local authorities, whether the re-more stringent restrictions to come into force. The upper limit is intended to serve as a kind of emergency brake to prevent uncontrolled Corona eruptions.

The district of Coesfeld belonged to in the last week of the five regions in Germany in which the upper limit for new infections could not be met. At times, the number of confirmed Corona cases was 103 per 100,000 inhabitants. The Corona cases in the local Slaughterhouse had significantly contributed to the increase.

Source: Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

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