West allis west milwaukee parks

West allis west milwaukee parks


If you haven’t started practicing yoga, you really should. “Yoga is perfect especially in the current moment, for men working from home and missing the gym. You’d be surprised how much hitting the mat can invigorate your body and mind,” Rachel Tavel, a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) at Shift Wellness in NYC, told Men’s Health.

And one of the biggest benefits is to your mobility and flexibility. “Men typically focus their fitness on strength training and/or endurance training, such as running, weight lifting, or biking. While these workouts are great for muscle, bone, and heart health, the repetitive movements can lead to muscle, fascial, and nerve tightness,” says Tavel. “Yoga can be a great way to incorporate mobility work and flexibility into your fitness routine so that you are able to access your full range of motion at the gym.”

But if you are not flexible at all, starting yoga can seem overwhelming. But buying yoga blocks can be a great investment to help you transition into yoga work and start working on it. (You can also try this hybrid yoga-strength training program to get you started.) Not only do they help with stability and balance, but they will also assist you with proper alignment and hitting deeper poses. (And if you’re looking for a new yoga mat, we also rounded up the best yoga mats for men.)

Here are 5 of the best yoga blocks for men.

This Gaiam set of blocks also includes a yoga strap to help you extend and deepen stretches. The blocks come in three colors and are made of stable, supportive foam that have ergonomic grooves to help you maintain a firm grip.

This Manduka yoga block is made of sustainable cork that is extra-firm compared to traditional foam blocks. The cork also offers an extra-grippy surface.

These Node Fitness yoga block are larger and thicker than traditional blocks. They are 4 inches thick, and are made of an EVA foam material that is non-slip and also moisture-resistant.

REEHUT’s yoga blocks are super affordable and offer great support and value. They’re made of high density EVA foam that are moisture-proof and slip resistant, and also have beveled edges so you can achieve a strong grip.

This Overmont 5-in-1 set has everything you need for the ultimate yoga setup. It includes a yoga wheel, 2 yoga blocks, a stretch band, and a yoga ring to help enhance your practice, mobility, and flexibility.

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