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Aside from the diaper changing station, your baby’s high chair most likely sees the second highest amount of messes on the regular — and the most varied. However, just like a diaper changing pad, you can protect your high chair with a cover so that messes don’t actually touch the furniture. The best high chair covers offer full coverage so that they’ll fit in just about any high chair — whether you’re at home or eating out.

There are so many adorable options when it comes to picking out the best high chair cover for your child. You’ll want to ensure that it’s extra large, so it will fit all high chairs and that it’s machine-washable so you can keep it germ free. A hassle-free installation process will be key too since it will most likely be used on different high chairs or carts. Below, we’ve rounded up the best high chair covers that are equal parts cute and functional. Plus, most serve as shopping cart covers too.

1. Croc N Frog High Chair Cover

The bigger, the better when it comes to picking out the best high chair cover. Since there’s a good chance you’ll be using this cover on multiple high chairs when you’re traveling or eating out, you won’t know the exact size, so more room ensures it’ll fit. When you’re shopping, you can take it with you from Target to Costco, so your baby can be protected and comfortable while you’re shopping at the store. Complete with built-in teether toys and a plastic-protected mobile phone pouch, you can keep them entertained.

2. Boppy High Chair Cover

If you’re looking for a more neutral and sophisticated high chair cover, this black and white option should blend in with your decor nicely. The 360-degree coverage will allow this best high chair cover to fit on just about any high chair or shopping cart while you’re out and about, making it easy to travel with your baby. The Sideline system allows you to attach toys, pacifiers, and more so you can have them at the ready in a moment’s notice. The extra padding will also ensure that baby is comfortable while sitting.

3. Suessie High Chair Cover

This machine-washable high chair cover boasts a two-in-one design so you have more options on how to use it. It’ll also help you stay organized with two small pockets and one large pocket, so you can keep things to entertain or soothe them on hand. The elastic band and velcro makes it a breeze to install on any high chair, which makes it one of the best high chairs around. The sippy cup strap will also prevent it from falling on the floor.

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