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Mike "The Miz" and Maryse Mizanin may be famous names in wrestling, who even have their own reality show — but when it comes to their daughters, they wear whatever hats necessary.

Amid the Thursday return of Miz & Mrs' second season, the WWE power couple opened up to PEOPLE about life at home as of late, with Maryse admitting they're "basically clowns" for the sake of their two girls Madison Jade, 13 months, and Monroe Sky, 2½.

"I know my husband would say, 'We're WWE superstars. We entertain people for a living. So it's easy, we just entertain them 24/7.' We're basically clowns. That's our job," jokes the mother of two, 37. "We just are completely dedicated to them."

Agrees Mike, 40, "We're 100 percent entertainment company. Anything that Monroe and Madison desire, we will do it. If it's literally playing with soccer balls or running around, having tea time, putting makeup on, putting a tutu on, dancing, we do it all."

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Mike and Maryse Mizanin Tease New Episodes of Show: "If You Want to Escape Your Reality, Enter Ours"

Filming their series is "great" for Maryse, she tells PEOPLE, because "I get to see my kids at all times, and I want to see them at all times."

"I [feel] really bad being away from them for 30 minutes," she says. "Being a mom of two, obviously I cannot be on the road with WWE like I used to be. We used to be on the road 275 days a year, if not more. I kind of do miss that lifestyle sometimes, but I love being with my kids."

"And filming the show is great because my kids are here in the house," Maryse adds, saying that the experience has "brought [her extended] family together" too, since they weren't on the road with her for WWE before.

"I love that my kids get to experience it. And it's a lot of fun, actually," she continues. "We make fun of each other. We make fun of us. We don't make fun of other people, but just for the butt of the jokes. … This show's like my third child. I love it."


Maryse and Mike have been together for 15 years, and Maryse tells PEOPLE that she and her husband have just decided to do a "date night" once a week, to make sure they're connecting with each other amid their busy lives.

"We've been working so much and we're always busy, and we always take our free time for the kids," she says, explaining that they'll go to dinner or, if possible given the current coronavirus restrictions, to see a movie. "Do something, just the two of us, without anyone else, and without it being about work, and without FaceTiming or calling the kids every few minutes."

"I think it's really important as a couple, because I feel like we forget that sometimes," Maryse adds. "We get so busy with work and kids and everything else that the relationship kind of takes a toll and isn't as important, and it's so important. But I think a lot of people can relate to this because you just prioritize everything else."

Miz & Mrs airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. EST on USA Network.

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