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Zerwühlte pillow, profuse sweating and back pain: sleep must not only be relaxing. Who is on the wrong Mattress is not the optimal sleeping position and the pillow next to it has seized, will feel in the morning despite adequate sleep time, as whacked.

This must not be – says the Stiftung Warentest. In its current issue gives tips on how to get better through the night.

1. The right mattress to choose

No matter how long you sleep – restful sleep has a lot to do with choosing the right mattress. And, in turn, Are built with the physique: they tend to be large and compact, have more belly than Butt? Then you are in the H-type. Or rather small to mittelfroß, with a slim waist and a strong Po? Then you would be the A-type (the description of The body types of Foundation goods test.) For back sleepers, the shoulder and the head should not sink in too deep. For side sleepers the spine should form a straight line.

2. Stay away from mattress pads

No matter what want to change, persuade the seller to you: pads on the mattress (so the sun worsen) properties, moisture can be bad to be delivered. This can even lead to mold.

3. A more expensive slatted bed base is unnecessary

The industry thinks always something New – even when the slatted frame, there are crazy developments. The Stiftung Warentest says, however, is clear: “to Limit themselves to a rigid slatted.” Because the battens should provide for ventilation under the mattress. (Here are more tips of the Stiftung Warentest for the slatted-purchase).

4. Problem Case Pillow

The pillow with the mattress System. It should support the head, but not kinking. How high must be the pillow, depends on body type and sleeping position. Since the cushion should not be so large that it is with the shoulder on the pillow, recommend the product testers, the size of 80 x 40 centimeters.

5. Conclusion with the abdominal location!

Who sleeps on the stomach, you risk tension and blockages in the neck, because usually the head is angled to the side. The tester put a very thin or even no pillow in order to minimize the risk. It would be better on the side switch. A special pillow can facilitate this.

6. To listen to you, to make your bed

Each person loses about half a Liter of sweat per night. Those who sweat a lot, even more. This moisture must evaporate – but, if one has made his bed obediently. Better: The bedspread folded back, so that the mattress can air.

More tips for a restful night’s sleep and choosing the right mattress to get you, for a fee, www,

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