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Lots of fresh, unprocessed food and low-sugar: Who pays attention to his health, follow a healthy and balanced diet. Also, movement is an integral part of everyday life.

However, cardiovascular diseases, which are caused by factors such as a high blood sugar or Obesity, and are still, one of the most common causes of death in the society.

Could reduce the milk and milk products, the risk of such diseases? Scientists of an international study studied the relationship of milk consumption and the metabolic syndrome closer and found out, that especially milk products, could reduce the risk of associated diseases.

Factors of the metabolic syndrome

In the case of the metabolic syndrome are different diseases of the body, which often occur together: Obesity, hypertension, insulin resistance and impaired fat metabolism.

These diseases increase the risk of developing Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

At least three of these factors occur at the same time, it is called the metabolic syndrome.

International study of more than nine years

How can the risk of the metabolic syndrome reduce? With this question have engaged researchers in an international study and the impact of milk consumption on the risk of metabolic disorders studied.

In the study, approximately 148,000 people from 21 different countries took part, were between 35 and 70 years old. Using a questionnaire, you should document your food intake in detail. The focus of the scientists was particularly milk products: yogurt, cheese, and other dishes in which milk is included.

The scientists collected information about the medical histories of the participants. This includes the taking of prescription drugs, the body size, behavior, smoke, and information about weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels were.

Overall, the follow-up lasted nine years, until the scientists analyzed the data and were able to deal with the risk of the diseases of the metabolic syndrome.

Lowest risk in the case of whole-milk products

Within the results, the scientists between a waiver and a higher intake of dairy products, which included at least two servings per day compared.

It showed that the complete absence of milk products poses the highest risk for metabolic syndrome. At least two servings of dairy products, the risk of the metabolic disorder, was 24 percent lower. The participants who consumed only full-fat milk products, the risk even 28 percent smaller than in the case of a complete waiver.

The scientists were able to determine, on the basis of the results, that you could reduce the risk for high blood pressure or Diabetes by around 12 per cent, if consumed daily two servings of milk products.

In the future, further studies should follow to confirm this finding. If the results are confirmed in a sufficiently large and long-term studies, could represent the increase in milk consumption, a practical and cost-effective approach to the reduction of the metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, Diabetes and ultimately cardiovascular disease worldwide, according to the authors of the study.


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