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Used to be a rarity, today, everyday, people in Germany bear in Corona times a mouth and nose mask. The effectiveness of such masks is provided in the social networks in question.

Wearing a mask was “bullshit,” reads one post. There is “no evidence that Wearing a mask could prevent an infection.”

But this is wrong. If, for example, two people are wearing talking masks, the risk of infection with the Coronavirus is much lower.

Protection against droplet infections

Since the end of April mask duty – especially in buses and trains, as well as, often, when shopping in stores is nationwide.

The meaning and purpose of the protection mask, it is, droplets intercept, which we emit when you Speak, Laugh, cough or Sneeze. The denser the material, the less likely it is that the small droplets pass is.

The distinction of the protection masks

The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) distinguishes between self-made “Community-masks” and medical face masks. First offered as a physical barrier, rather, a protection against larger droplets and prevented the mouth, nose and mucous membrane contact with contaminated hands, explains the BfArM.

The medical face masks were used, however, especially the foreign protection, and protect Against, the authority. Sebastian Lemmen, infectious disease Loge at the University hospital of Aachen, says: “If two people are wearing a Mouth guard, are both protected.”

Also the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends the Wearing of a “mouth-nose-covering” in public space. Self-made masks filter according to RKI, probably less droplets than the multi-layer medical masks.

The Wearing of a mask, the Institute is referred to as a block, in order to reduce the Coronavirus infection pressure and velocity of propagation in the population. Distance and hygiene rules apply, according to the RKI but also, if people are wearing a mask.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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