Flomax dosing

Flomax dosing

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The spread of the Coronavirus throws a spotlight on the sometimes precarious working conditions in German abattoirs. In Germany hundreds of employees are infected in a single slaughterhouse in lower Saxony, Dissen, the Virus was detected in 92 employees. Experts are surprised about this development is by no means In the Operated season work and temporary workers from southern and Eastern Europe. You’ll be part of in a small space in Collective centres, where conditions are ideal for the spread of the pathogen. However, in some companies even breaches of hygiene legislation were found.

Meat industry

"A foreseeable Katastrophe": Why the Coronavirus in slaughterhouses, easy game has

The messages provide consumers with uncertainty: it Is possible that a contaminated piece of meat with the Coronavirus to infect, for example, if an infected employee on meat and sausage coughs and deliver the goods in the sale of passes?

The German Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) has referred to this question as well. The Institute is a scientific institution of the Federal Republic of Germany and for the protection of consumer health, in charge. At regular intervals, the experts to evaluate the scientific data on possible health risks.

Coronavirus and meat – smear “unlikely”

In principle, the corona virus can get through the cough or Sneeze of meat and sausages, – stated in the BfR-assessment. According to the experts, an infection on these foods is unlikely to be the case. The virus cannot reproduce, therefore, in meat or sausage. “You need a living animal or human host.” Further, it States: “A smear infection of another Person is only possible, if the Virus is a short time after the contamination transferred via the hands or the food itself to the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat or the eyes.”

Such a close temporal connection may consist in the sale of fresh food counters. But in General, meat – and sausage were there, protected by panes of glass in front of coughing and sneezing customers. For the seller, a mask is mandatory in most States, unless other suitable protective measures can be taken, such as plexiglass,. These reduce the risk of contamination. The experts also reiterate the importance of General hygiene measures, including regular washing of hands and the Council, to not take the hands to the face.

Meat fry

Basically, the experts advise to heat the meat and poultry, before eating, thoroughly and evenly. This is a “General” recommendation and serving agents “in order to protect against any other disease”. Poultry should after the Roast “off-white” be the pig “gray pink” and beef have adopted a “grey-brown” color. A Transmission on the animals themselves, or their meat is not according to our present state of knowledge. “Farm animals used for meat production, according to the current level of knowledge does not stand up to a Sars-CoV-2 infizierbar and are not able to transmit the Virus, so this way to the people.”

The most important mode of Transmission of Coronavirus is a droplet infection. Coughing or sneezing of infected people, the smallest droplets that are inhaled from the surrounding people. “Currently, there are no cases in which it is demonstrated that people in a different way, such as through the consumption of contaminated food or by contact with contaminated objects with the novel Coronavirus have been infected,” writes the BfR.

However, pathogens have had experiences with other disease known that respiratory pathogens can also be lubricating transmitted infections.

Source: Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR)

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Healing to working conditions in slaughterhouses: "To be in this industry aufräumen"

News for the Coronavirus pandemic

Healing to working conditions in slaughterhouses: "To be in this industry aufräumen"

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