Amitriptyline and asthma

Amitriptyline and asthma

Especially the "online Welt" many people in the evening, guests awake longer than planned. You may even small delays are bad for the health of: people, who went only 30 minutes later than usual to bed, had until the next day a higher resting heart rate, which indicates an increased cardiovascular risk. The reports US researchers in the online journal npj Digital Medicine.

Lack of sleep affects health and contributes to Diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. But not only getting enough sleep is important, but also regular sleep times. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana (USA) have found that people who went a half-hour later than usual to bed, have a significantly higher resting heart rate were, which lasted until the next day. The greater the delay, the higher the increase in the resting heart rate was.

"We know that an increase in the resting heart rate are at greater risk for cardiovascular health bedeutet", Prof. Nitesh Chawla said. "If you do not go every evening to the same time to bed, it will increase your resting heart rate not only while you are sleeping, but this is a transfer to the next day – even if you sleep seven hours per night."

Surprisingly, it was also demonstrated with the earlier bedtime, more than a half-hour before your normal sleep time, an increase in the resting heart rate. In this case, you returned to normal but during the night, and was compensated on the next day. "For shift workers and people who travel frequently, it is a challenge to go out every night at the same time to bed. A healthy sleep time as well as possible the first step is to comply with. But it is just as important, it festzuhalten", Chawla says.