With these seven habits you are guaranteed to be sick

With these seven habits you are guaranteed to be sick

Half of Germany sniffles, coughs and splutters. Who would not want to belong to, should take heed of some simple tips. With a few little Tricks the immune system can be boost.

  • Several times in the year, most of the caught a cold.
  • There are methods how we prevent contamination and other to ensure that we can infect us.

Especially in the cold Season it is caught, sometimes even multiple times. A thickness of the common cold with cough, runny nose and fever, sometimes in the limbs, neck, or ears in pain. Whether a person is sick or not, mainly depends on two factors: the aggressiveness of the pathogen and of its own defence force. “How aggressive a Virus is, we can’t influence,” explains Hans-Michael mill field, GP and Chairman of the house medical Association of Bremen. “Our immune system we can strengthen, however, with some Tricks. Or by a wrong life style weaknesses.“

Some widespread behave our defenses bother to point immensely and prepare the way for the attacks of the ubiquitous pathogens. Who wants to be sick, the following is advised:

1. As far as possible in closed rooms

A daily walk strengthens the immune system, those who stay the Winter over only in closed rooms, may be more likely to be sick. Without oxygen and without light the body produces less Antibodies. This deficiency weakens the immune system and the body can defend itself against the attacking pathogens less effective.

Another point: The constant Heat dries out the air in the rooms. In the dry air to evaporate the circulating droplets of germs better. This makes the excitation of flight-capable, so that they can be more easily dispersed, and thus easily breathed in. In addition, the heating air dries out the human mucous membranes. As a result, the cleaning function of the cilia of the lungs hairs decreases, and the excitation, it is easier to infect a human.

In the healthy respiratory tract to remain inhaled pathogens in a protective film and, then, of the rhythmically beating cilia, such as on a conveyor belt in the direction of the throat are removed and coughs.

Anyone who drives in Winter with the bike instead of the crowded S-Bahn to work, and his body double, something Good: “The fresh air stimulates the circulation. And the cyclists go the many potential of infection to herds in the S-Bahn out of the way,“ says house doctor’s mill field.

Because colds and influenza are transmitted by droplet infection. Since it is usually sufficient, to stand on the Bus next to a Coughing and is contagious. In addition, viruses and bacteria to adhere to surfaces. The way of the retaining rod in the rail or the shopping cart in the supermarket to our mucous membranes, too far.

2. The signals of the body disregard

The best way to become quickly ill, is to ignore the signals of your body – such as fatigue or lethargy, says house doctor mill field: “We are never without reason tired, the body wants to tell us something.” In spite of the symptoms of an Aspirin and keep going – no matter whether with the garden work or the office – whether the guarantee in the short or long-flat-for-nothing.