Who is good at math, stop Smoking

Who is good at math, stop Smoking

A new study shows that smokers who are better in math, Figures of frightening statistics, more exercise, and your conclusions. This led to the decision, with the bad habit to stop. This is reported by researchers of the Ohio State University in the journal "Health Psychology".

Smokers, the sections of a math Test, better said that, after the consideration of various warnings more frequently than others that they wanted to stop Smoking. These warnings contain different images, Text, and information about the probability of Risk for smokers and non-smokers, for example, "75.4 percent of smokers die before 85. Years of age, compared with 53.7 per cent of non-smokers."

The people with a better score in the math Test were able to remember the Numbers to the risks of Smoking, so that they took the danger more true. This fostered, in turn, according to the researchers, their intention to want to stop Smoking.

Pay better to stay in the Gedämemory

Brittany Shoots-Reinhard, research assistant for psychology at the Ohio State University, said: "These results could explain why many studies have shown that better-educated smokers quit more likely to be successful. People with better math skills remembered the frightening Figures about the Smoking risk."

The Online survey of 696 adult smokers participated. Immediately after the Experiment and again six weeks later, the participants answered a series of questions to determine how well they remembered the warnings. In addition, they were asked how likely it was that they would stop in the next 30 days or in the next year Smoking.

Shoots-Reinhard concludes from the results: "Pay less-literate smokers tend to have a superficial Knowledge about the health risks of their habit. We need to find a way to convey to you this risk."