When neck pain is harmless, but warning signs are

When neck pain is harmless, but warning signs are

If the neck hurts, the often brushed aside as trivial. However, sometimes it is the first signs of a serious health problem. What you should know about it.

Everyone is familiar with neck pain, approximately twice per year occur in children even up to six times. Usually A sore throat is the accompanying symptom of a cold infection, and it shows that the pharyngeal mucosa to fight against viruses. Then the pain in the part, and subside after a few days.

Neck pain can a heart attack go ahead

However, also other, not so harmless can be the causes in question, can hardly think. The most important alarm signal: The neck pain, though not cold. Cause heart or stomach problems.

In fact, it is in the case of sudden, pulling or stabbing pain that radiate to the neck, the back and/or arms, of the possible signs of a heart attack is observed, this phenomenon is relatively rare, however, is quite possible. So many patients report that days before the heart attack neck pain occurred, although they had no infection.

Reflux disease also harms the throat and larynx

Frequent neck pain, however, occur in connection with heartburn. The cause of the Rise of the acidic stomach contents. Because pharyngeal mucosa and the larynx are particularly sensitive, it can irritate the stomach acid, these areas rapidly and even lead to inflammation of the laryngo -, medical-pharyngeal Reflux. The evidence, in addition to chronic neck pain:

  • Hoarseness
  • Swallowing

Neck tumours such as cancer of the pharynx – the first signs of a sore throat

Not least of all, the neck pain can be also due to cancer of the pharynx caused. Earlier this form of cancer was very rare, has increased in recent years. According to the Robert Koch Institute to 100,000 Germans every year, 18 new cases.

In addition to tobacco and alcohol consumption, human papilloma viruses (HPV) play in the development of cancer of the pharynx, and the same trigger in women cervical cancer. There is a connection between oral sex and throat cancer is so because the virus from the genital area reach the throat.

Pus and swelling making the throat pain dangerous

Apart from these rather unknown causes neck and associated pain, however, often with other infections, such as sinusitis, laryngitis, purulent tonsillitis, or even a tonsil abscess.

Inflammation of the sinuses (Sinusitis), often runs inflammation, secretions from the maxillary or Frontal sinuses unnoticed the throat down, but can neck pain cause. All gurgle and Suck distributes the sore throat then, because the liquid with bacteria and viruses according to flows from the top. The cause of the neck pain, the Sinusitis must be treated (with mucus solvers, possibly antibiotics), so that the neck comes back in order.

The larynx inflammation (Laryngitis) – in the context of a cold or the flu spread the virus is often to the larynx. This is weakening the local defenses in this area. Bacteria, living there in small numbers, multiply and create inflammation. Signs of sore throat and hoarseness. In addition, swelling of the mucous membranes, vocal cords and larynx. In the worst case, the larynx swells and there can be little air flow through. Warning signs: shortness of breath, medical attention is immediately necessary.

Purulent tonsillitis (Tonsillitis) – the Palatine tonsils, the right and left in the throat arranged to ignite due to cold or flu. In the framework of the inflammation purulent coverings form on the tonsils, the main symptoms of acute Tonsillitis. In addition, strong neck pain, massive discomfort when swallowing, and fever. Tonsillitis is dangerous because it can become chronic and then there is the risk that the pathogen can lead to rheumatic and cardiac inflammation. In addition, the risk of a tonsil abscess is a.

Risk of blood poisoning

Tonsil abscess is a complication of Tonsillitis. The inflammation has spread to the surrounding tissue, and the pus collects in a thus-created cavity. Often the almond abscess protrudes clearly visible in the throat, the uvula must bend therefore. Then not timely treatment with antibiotics or surgical draining may be reached in the worst case, bacteria into the blood and the body flood, keyword: blood poisoning (Sepsis).

When you have a sore throat to the doctor

Not always neck pain is so banal. In the case of the following symptoms, you should let the sore throat examined by a doctor:

  • Sudden, very strong pain in the throat, in the front area
  • Neck pain with fever over 39 degrees
  • Kloßgefühl in the neck
  • Difficult Swallowing and/ or Breathing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth (Lockjaw)
  • The pain will be in the course of the day stronger and not weaker
  • Neck pain that last longer than two weeks

Neck pain, although mostly a Bagatelle. But reckless should work, so nobody in order to diagnose serious diseases are late and, therefore, a poorer prognosis.