What to do for dry eyes?

What to do for dry eyes?

Burning, itching, redness In the cold Season, many people have problems with dry eyes. What’s behind it and what helps to be Concerned, explains ophthalmologist Dr. Christoph Eckert from Mr. Berg.

Why suffer now so many people from dry eyes?

Eckert: In the cold winter months of suffering, in fact, a lot of people in dry eyes. The reason is the combination of dry heating inside air and cold temperatures and unpleasant winds on the outside – as a result, the tear film evaporates faster than usual. Older people are affected particularly, because the tear production reduces with age anyway.

What are the typical symptoms?

Eckert: to Tire the eyes quickly, you will be red and burning, behind it in many cases of dry eyes. Often they complain but also a feeling of pressure in the eye or a foreign body sensation, similar to a grain of sand.

What can I do about it?

Eckert: even small Changes can help: Who for hours, staring into space transfixed in front of Computer or television sitting, which not only risk short-sightedness. Due to the significantly reduced blink it also leads to disturbances in the tear formation. Therefore, regular breaks are very important. Helpful, it is not to blink just in these quiet times aware of a lot of and to look into the distance. Often sunglasses as well as solution here are eye gels and &ndash relieve;drops from the pharmacy the discomfort.

Do you have more tips?

Eckert: If possible, heavily air-conditioned or overheated rooms in Hotels and offices to avoid. It is also important to drink a lot, keeps the eyes moist. So that the eyes do not dry out, it is recommended, moreover, to do something for the lid margin glands. Promote the function of, for example, by the following Exercise: every Morning and evening to the eyelids, wash with warm water and then for one Minute with the towel in a circular massage. This cleans the Lidkanten and stabilizes the tear film. The horn skin is better moisturized and clearer to See.

Köcan Dry eyes gefäa year?

Eckert: In the case of years of ongoing symptoms, it may you have to have limitations of vision and corneal damage. In very rare cases of blindness in people with chronic inflammatory diseases.

When should I see the doctor?

Eckert: Keep the complaints for several days, should an eye doctor be consulted. It is important to have other disease-exclude images that cause similar symptoms, and treat the problem quickly and correctly.


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