What is a stomach reduction?

What is a stomach reduction?

A stomach reduction &Uuml can;mountain important to a gesüother Köbody weight help. However, patients müshot change your life for the long term and do a lot of things in order the Fund the cost üassumes

Around 1.5 million people in Germany suffer from obesity. Of j&auml get;annually about 10 000 a obesity surgery

At least a hundredweight of &quot has;Biggest Loser" slimmed down, if he is the winner of the eponymous TV show gekürt. The shipment originated in the United States, but for the past ten years to compete strongly ümountain important people from Germany in front of the cameras, within just a few months möas possible to lose many pounds. Images of the beam ends suggest the winner: The diet turbo has paid off. However, as the weight of the participants developed anschließend?

The analysis of the US team of the year 2009 draws to a ernüchternde balance sheet. The 14 persons examined w&auml had;during the Show an average 58 kilograms lost, but six years später again to 41 kilos. On average, weighed and then 132 pounds. These results were published in the journal Obesity published. The study bestäneeded, which can also be seen by medical societies recommended slimming programs: Extremely thick people can barely, with Ernäcurrency conversion and sports again on a einigermaßen healthy weight to come – and to keep it for the long term.

Remove: In case of strong Ümountain weight to decrease the chances of success

"Is the Köbody mass index üabout 40 climbed, the chances of success, perhaps, in the case of fünf Prozent", schätzt Professor Beat Müller, head of the section of Minimally Invasive and bariatric surgery at the Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg. The Index is calculated from the Verhäratio of weight and Körpergröße to the square. A 1,80 meters große and 130 pound Person, for example, has the value of 40. From here, doctors speak of morbid obesity or obesity. Because so much Ümountain villain is an extremely high risk to develop diseases such as type 2 Diabetes.

All slimming attempts are failed, all that remains is a last The­­rapieoption: the obesity-surgery. Surgeons reduce the size of the stomach and/or verküthe Passage of the N&auml shorten the;nutrients through the Dünndarm. "These interventions are effective and sicher", obesity surgeon M&uuml says;ller. Many patients are able to reduce your weight in the following months dramatically. Often the K&ouml drops;body mass by 20 to 30 percent. What is not only because that the stomach holds significantly less volume than before, and üon the verküdoctors Dünndarm less Nänutrients enter the blood.

Surgery affects hormones, appetite and glucose metabolism

It veräthe hormones and nerve signals that the digestive tract and brain communicate change. "The Operation has in a way, we still don’t fully understand, at various points effect: the appetite, the Sättigungsgefühl, the taste and Geruchssinn", erklärt Müller. Verblüffenderweise some of the Operated reports still in the hospital, your Hunger attacks ­about chocolate, or curry sausage urpl&ouml be;addition disappeared.

Also, many type 2 diabetics experience üsurprising quickly a positive change. "With the Operation veräthe hormones that regulate sugar metabolism change. Some patients benötransparent already on the same day, no Diabetes medications mehr", Professor Matthias Bl&uuml says;here, Chairman of the German obesity society and Director of the obesity clinic at the Universitäclinic of Leipzig. A year after the procedure, a good two thirds of the operated diabetic drugs are free, after ten years, still a third, as a Swedish long term study shows.

Diabetes mellitus lässt not "wegoperieren"

Professor Andreas Fritsche, head of the Department of Präprevention and therapy of Diabetes mellitus at the University hospital of Tübingen, erklärt, why do the effects wear off: "In advanced type 2 Diabetes schüttet the Bauchspeicheldrüse not enough Insulin. This Problem is not resolved by the surgery." You könne, the sugar disease so do not have a plastic surgery – even if some of my colleagues say the same. But it was a großhe advantage, for some years no or significantly less diabetes is a means to benötransparent. Ädoctors should type 2 diabetics from the Köbody mass index of 35 üabout the Möemergency surgery inform if medications do not normalize the sugar metabolism, is recommended because the medical guideline.

However, the Operation must remain the drug of last choice. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks, such as für infections, and bleeding, as well as the anesthesia. Für people with a severe mental or köphysical illness comes into question, this is not a surgical procedure to Remove. "You have to be very &uuml well;superior, für whom an Operation eignet", Dia&shy says;betes-expert Fritsche. To ask simply, from a certain Index müsse to operate, hähe lt für incorrectly. The Leit­line rät also, a panel of experts from various disciplines should üabout decide the treatment every obesity patient individually. And the procedure should only be performed in specialized clinics.

The effects of a stomach reduction

Immediate Effects

In many patients, verächange right after the procedure, the appetite, the Sättigungsgefühl and the sugar metabolism. Some diabetics benöclear any medications with you when you leave the clinic. 

Effects of the surgery after a year

On the Köbody weight: This has an average of 20 to 30 percent reduced.  This could lead to a disadvantage: the skin flap, the Köbody herunterhängen. The surgical tightening mühave the patient usually.

On the metabolism: Üabout two-thirds of the Diabetic benönot need any Diabetes medications. In case of non-diabetics, the Erkrankungs&shy has;­risk is significantly reduced.

On the joints: Many of the complaints disappear or go zurück. ­­Previously created Schäthe more r&uuml not, however,;ckgäthis depends on the make.

On the Lebensqualität: The satisfaction increases in the case of the most. They are more mobile and have a more active social. However, some develop severe Depression, alcohol-, tobacco -, or drug addiction.  

On the digestive organs: In the case of the Operated erhöthe risk f&uuml ht be;r gallstones, Krank­majority of the digestive tract and Eingeweidebrüche.  

Effects of Gastric bypass surgery after 10 years

On the Köbody weight: Many people manage in the long term, your lower weight to keep.

On the metabolism: Many Operated are Diabetes or benötransparent back on medication. But at least a third to keep the long-term normal glucose metabolism, and carry no risk für Spätschäthe by Diabetes.

On the Gefäße: The risk of Herzschwäto develop che, cardiac and cerebral infarction and to die, is measurably decreased.

On cancer: The overall risk für tumors is decreased. Women benefit stästronger than Mämen. Reason: especially the risk of breast cancer has decreased.

This surgery only when all other options were unsuccessful

Currently, in Germany there is jäannually, around 10 000 such operations – there is relatively little in comparison to our neighbors. In Switzerland three Times, in Belgium, even zw&ouml is;lf operates Changes so often. Nevertheless, the health insurance company Barmer warned already two years ago, prior to escalating costs. At just under 1.5 million people with a Köbody mass index of at least 40 resulting expenditure of 14.4 billion euros, if everyone operates würde. However, berüthe bill takes into account the expected savings from avoided diseases such as Diabetes, criticized surgeon Müller.

In addition, The funds pay the surgery only when other options are unsuccessful. About a weight-loss programme, adapted to Ernäcurrency, köphysical Aktivität and behavior therapy. However, this Maßsampling is usually not paid. Müller: "There are cash programs, such therapies möurgent and refund. Unfortunately, this is the exception."

Für many of the Insured results in a double Problem. You complete not a weight loss program, if still good chances of success. The weight climbs, the Kostenüacquisition für the Opera­tion denied, because no professional has been accompanied by decreasing try. 

Operated müshot change your life for the long term

However, the surgical procedure, success is not a guarantee. Who is in surgery, to his life on his Ernäcurrency and genügend movement. This is best done with a langfris­transparent medical monitoring. Especially the first year requires frequent and regular checks. Because with the drastic loss of adipose tissue veräthe Medika&shy changes often;tion. Diabetes means that blood pressure – and cholesterol-lowering köcan be reduced or even discontinued. "Furthermore, &Auml should;doctors regelmäßig the levels of certain vitamins and Spuren­elements in the blood messen", ergänzt Fritsche. In the case of a defect it must be by the intake of Präparaten offset.

The gefürchtete Jo-Jo-effect lässt not ausschließen. However, the chances to maintain the lower weight level, good overall. What is, among other things, the fact that the Köthe body is not in a hungry state verfällt – an effect that all konventio­nellen Abnehmbemühungen. The also showed the "Biggest Loser"-Study. Six years after the Show verb, the participants burned an average täpossible 500 calories less than your Köto expect body mass wäre – this corresponds to the energy of a light main meal."As a Eisbär, in the winter sleep, heruntergefahren&quot the participants a basic sales;, so Müller.

The hunger condition lässt are reduced by Ümountain weight slowly – to höa maximum of one Kilo per week – breaks down, experts recommend. Anyone who wants to in the long term to slim down, you should not try to emulate the TV show and in the Turbo-Tempo möas many kilos to lose.

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