Vitamin D: a pill or the sun?

Vitamin D: a pill or the sun?

Vitamin D supplements are over-represented in drug stores well, which is probably due to the fact that the sun has made hormone in the last years of a stellar career: For strong bones, Vitamin is good. The pills are designed to also protect against cancer, Diabetes, depression, cardiovascular problems, and much more. However, in studies, these hopes until now could not prove.

It is, nevertheless, useful, Vitamin-D supplements to take? Stiftung Warentest has considered current studies related to the topic and comes to the conclusion that the artificial supply of Vitamin D is not a miracle cure for all. Still there are many questions: How much Vitamin D does a person need exactly, is unclear, writes. Controversial is, whether a low Vitamin D level causes further diseases.

Only for risk groups

Thus, Vitamin D is formed in the skin needs sun, however, sunscreen interferes with the production. What is a Problem, because the Omission of sunscreen increases the risk of skin cancer. It is therefore important to find the right level: professional societies recommend, face, hands and arms two to three times a week, uncovered and without cream exposure to the sun. For the Vitamin D production that was sufficient.

But here, too applies: not in the blazing sun, because the skin needs protection. In the Winter, the sun are the hours counted in Germany, however, a Vitamin D deficiency can occur quickly. Even with Vitamin D-rich food such as herring, salmon and eggs, the daily requirement is hard to cover, writes.

However, it is not advisable to swallow Vitamin D pills for Prevention. Too much of the substance to side effects – such as stones kidney. So what to do? Until the study is able to clearly, recommends testing Only for at-risk groups, such as seniors, in which the formation of the Vitamin decreases in the skin, or people who already suffer from osteoporosis, the pills are useful. A General principle: if you feel you need the funds, should speak with his doctor.

The detailed article with all of the risk groups and information on appropriate preparations see