Virginity: 7 silly myths

Virginity: 7 silly myths

A small area of the body, and so many rumors and speculation around. Dispelling the most ridiculous:

1. The girls vagina is the film. During the first sex she wants

The vagina is the hymen – a small fold of connective tissue, which partially closes the lumen. Everyone’s hymen looks different: someone he is thick and big, and someone very small and inconspicuous. Sometimes it really covers all the vagina – but it’s a pathology that needs to go to a surgeon. After the first sex a hymen does not disappear. If it ruptured, the remnants will continue to hang on the walls of the vagina unnoticed for women.

Why you need it, scientists don’t know. Possible to protect the vaginal flora before puberty.

2. “Loss of virginity” is always pain and blood

The hymen can be straining and cause discomfort, but most often the pain during the first sex happens and the excitement. When a woman is nervous, the vaginal muscles tighten, and the penetration more difficult and painful. For this reason, sometimes it happens bleeding.

To avoid this, a woman needs to trust your partner and be ready to have sex. In all senses: morally and physically (and for this you need a good long foreplay).

3. You can lose your virginity doing sports

Some sports can stretch the hymen, which during the first sexual intercourse there will be no blood, no pain. But defilement is difficult to call. The more that your virginity is all about the lack of sexual experience, and not about the shape of the hymen.

4. If you long to have sex, the hymen will grow back

The hymen can not regenerate, so there are even plastic surgery for his recovery.

5. Virgins can’t use a tampon

For most women, the hymen is not so closes the vagina so that the tampon could not penetrate. But the young girls really easier to use hygiene products of small size.

6. Appearance girls can understand that she had her first sex

No, she does not change gait, not extending the hips and not pimples. It is impossible to distinguish the person who had sex and the man whose was not.

7. “Loss of innocence” is very responsible. You need as long as possible to preserve their virginity. First sex will affect your whole life

Somehow, all this only applies to women is that for men sex is like brush my teeth, but for women is a Very Important Step.

Actually, it is, of course, stereotypes. First sex can change a life, and maybe not in any way be affected. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the Prince: many people (boys and girls) lose their virginity to a man in love. And then, and then – correctly, if you are comfortable.

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