Urologist answered 6 questions about Sex that men often do not want to make

Urologist answered 6 questions about Sex that men often do not want to make

Men especially have a hard time often, sexual problems to the doctor to broach. How good is Viagra from the Internet, how can I extend my Penis? These and other questions, an expert on FOCUS Online answered.

The fact is that everything revolves around the topic of Sex, appeal to men – hardly at the partner, and certainly not at the doctor. “There are no embarrassing questions,” soothed Wolfgang Bühmann, scientific editor-in-chief of the professional Association of German urologists. Often, only the education to put behind it, when men perceive a question as embarrassing and therefore, even when the doctor is not Express.

Six common questions from practice, the moving men, and the expert answered:

1. I ordered from the Internet Viagra. As I swallowed it for the first Time, I had a stable erection, but remained even after the orgasm, even though I had no desire for further Sex and me feeling very satisfied. When is an erection dangerous?

Wolfgang Bühmann: This can actually happen, especially if the man Viagra not needed. There is no physical cause for erection is weakness, probably more of a mental Blockade. When taking Viagra, the erection would normally be after the orgasm finished.

In addition, the duration of the erection, a known, albeit rare side effect of Viagra. This can actually be dangerous. From four hours erection, you should definitely go to a urologist or a urological clinic. Because of the blood build-up can cause damage to the erectile tissue in the Penis permanently. As a counter-measure, the doctor punctured the Penis and leads the blood and/or is an antidote to Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil or Avanafil – the active ingredients in Viagra and other erection means.

A note-for-Viagra-ordering – Viagra is the most counterfeited drug in the world. Usually you get over the network only plagiarism, such as colored peppermint tablets. Only if you order in licensed pharmacies with a prescription, you can be sure to receive the real drug. There are a few licensed pharmacies in the network, such as docmorris, EU mail order pharmacy blog, medication-per-click, etc.

2. How successful natural potency AIDS, such as arginine or Macawurzel?

Wolfgang Bühmann: not at all, all natural potency AIDS are ineffective. Have a demonstrable effect solely to the above-mentioned medical active ingredients in Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra.

3. I have not found on my Penis a couple of white pimples that hurt. What could be behind the white dots?

Wolfgang Bühmann: In General, this is called the horn tip in the coronary sulcus to grow, so the Transition between glans and shaft of the penis. They are innate, normal and do nothing, so they have no disease value. You should manipulate no way around it, because otherwise the inflammation threaten. Every woman who has seen more than one Penis, is not disturbing, because this horn tip has almost every man and to the Penis.

4. Can I extend my Penis by I draw him often in the length – there are also Penis extenders?

Wolfgang Bühmann: no, this works neither with the Hand nor with the instruments. The Pulling causes damage to the tiny blood vessels in the Penis. They are indispensable, so that the Penis when it is erect. The mechanism is like a sponge, fills with water and increases in volume. The blood vessels in the Penis is damaged, the ability to erigieren.

However, it is important to know that a lot of men, my, the, your Penis is small, be mistaken: The average penis is in the flaccid state, nine inches aroused 13. What show porn that is not right, 25 inches. Also, In the case of women, only the first four inches for a orgasm in the Vagina sensitive. Of a long Penis, women have in principle hardly anything – on the contrary, if it is very long, interferes with the most even.

5. Against Erectile dysfunction injection molding, the man continues to member, with your help. I have read that there is now also suppositories that can?

Wolfgang Bühmann: no, the above-mentioned suppositories are not an Alternative. An Alternative is a Gel with Prostaglandin, the same active ingredient as in the syringes. Similar to eye drops, it is offered in individual vials. The Gel is applied if necessary, at the tip of the penis into the urethra. Both erection AIDS syringe and Gel are prescription and pay themselves.

Only the vacuum erection aid, with the help of the Penis is under pressure, stiffens, is subsidized by health insurance. You, however, for men who have an ejaculation, a disadvantage is that The Ring that holds the erection, squeezes the urethra. Not infrequently, the causes at the Moment of orgasm is a pain, because the semen is pressed against the Tightness.

6. My Penis is rather small, but he is erect, long enough – if I pull the condom on the erection again. It’s happened to me more often. What can I do?

Wolfgang Bühmann: the erection, even at minor Manipulation such as a condom coating, that is by no means unique. Here would be circumstances, for example, Viagra is helpful, because it would lead to a more stable erection. In this Problem, as with all others referred to – is the urologist point of contact who can advise you prior to any treatment and analyzed.

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