Too much salt can lead to heart rhythm disturbances

Too much salt can lead to heart rhythm disturbances

Millions of people worldwide suffer from atrial fibrillation, the most common Form of heart rhythm disorders. When you are at a higher risk for heart attacks and heart failure. Results of a new study shows that too much salt in food could help to bring the heart out of rhythm.

You already know that too much salt increases blood pressure. Now Finnish scientists have also discovered a connection between the consumption of salt and the risk for heart rhythm disorders: they found that people who took about the food too much salt, patients increasingly to heart rhythm disorders.

On average, seven out of every 100 people over 65 years suffer from an irregular heartbeat. May be a part of these diseases could be due to a lower salt intake: avoid "Our results suggest that individuals benefit with increased risk for atrial fibrillation, if you restrict your salt intake,” says study author Tero Pääkkö from the University of Oulu in Finland. It is estimated that more than three-quarters of the daily consumption of salt would be taken up by processed food and ready meals. For health, it could be worthwhile, therefore, to waive, and to add salt to freshly prepared dishes sparingly.

For the study of 716 women and middle-aged men were observed for 19 years. To begin with, you have a seven-day food diary. It was investigated, whether between the diet and a later Occurrence of atrial fibrillation relationships existed. 74 study participants, heart rhythm disturbances occurred during the observation, for the first time.