The images of the crisis has changed the world since the outbreak of the Coronavirus

The images of the crisis has changed the world since the outbreak of the Coronavirus

There are shots that touch deeply, because they lead directly before the eyes of the world since the outbreak of the Coronavirus has changed. The star has been in a special issue 60 predominantly double-sided photos to a Coronavirus pandemic released. A special issue on “Corona – the images of the crisis” is available now on newsstands and in the Online Shop of the star available.

The star ofthe special edition of the “Corona – the images of the crisis” is now available online.

The pictures tell the story of how the Virus spread around the Globe in the past weeks and months, and what consequences it brought. They show the reality in China, the USA or Europe, we would not have held for possible. Mass graves in Brazil, exhausted nurses in Italy, Hunger in New York. But also: window concerts for all, the stay at home, gifts to the needy fences for Relief, and the improvement of air quality in China.

Created a folder to Watch, Wonder and Store, especially for the time when the crisis is over, and you want to remember this Phase. Because we are living in historic times and are in currently in the middle of it. We will still take a long time to be able to Corona and really follow a process. Still we are busy to organize a life with the Virus and to find the gradual return to a new everyday life. The entire range of emotions that move us all in this process, is part of this issue.

Here you can see a selection of pictures

A selection of images, which are printed in this special issue, you can see here:

New York – the great Void in the Big Apple: The street intersection in Manhattan looks like from a computer game: The lanes are empty, a single pedestrian checks his mobile phone. In the city that sleeps never, the public life in April further and further down. More than 50,000 Restaurants in the city are closed.

Here you can buy the special edition

The special issue is now available on newsstands. You can order it online: either as a printed magazine, delivered to your home (5,90 Euro), or as a digital ePaper(4,49 Euro).

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