The enemy in my mouth: how to identify dangerous tumors in the mouth

The enemy in my mouth: how to identify dangerous tumors in the mouth

Tumors in the oral cavity is the seventh most common cancer disease in Germany. Nevertheless, abnormalities of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa often taken seriously. FOCUS-Online-Experte Christian Juncu explains what you should look for.

Whether conspicuous birthmarks or noticeable lumps in the breast – such developments, nowadays, in most people, the alarm bells ring. Because they may suggest a malignant Tumor. As the often underestimated tissue changes in the mouth and throat area, will apply, however. In this case, these are found out in Germany with more than 13,000 people per year than cancers of the mouth, which occupies at least seventh place among the most frequently occurring types of cancer. In men it’s considered the five most common tumor disease.

It is particularly tricky: Concerned to recognize the dangerous mucosal change, often very late, as it causes little discomfort. “Early diagnosis helps to increase the chances of a cure,” stresses Christian Juncu, specialized dentist for oral surgery with focus on implant dentistry and surgical Periodontology at the dental clinic Rhine-Ruhr in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Best offer on

Harbingers of oral cancer to interpret correctly

Certain signs suggest that an abnormal tissue formation in the mouth and throat, which can develop into malignant cells. “Come about small, non-healing or bleeding of slime growths on the gums, tongue or lining of the mouth, on the skin, should be Concerned to give this attention,” advises Juncu.

The often with swelling and pain related to irritation does not disappear within a week, we recommend a visit to the dentist. Also, non-healing wounds after Tooth extractions, or due to ill-fitting dentures should patients your doctor check. Symptoms, such as red or white patches of sensory loss or numbness in the mouth can also indicate a Tumor.

Eye-catching fabric specialists usually tell with the naked eye, and lead to further investigation steps. Therefore, the semi-annual inspection visits to the dentist are recommended for Prevention. Here, he not only checks your teeth and gums to health, but also casts an eye on the tongue, the surrounding mucous membranes and throat. Eye-catching tissue he then explores with the so-called brush biopsy on good or malignant structures. In uncertain cases, dentists refer patients to dental specialists for oral surgery, or specialist doctors for mouth-, jaw – and facial surgery.


With a small brush to the result

With the brush biopsy, is a medical check, if cancer is present. “We paint a fine brush head on the irritated place and carry some of the cells,” explains Juncu for the patient, hardly noticeable process. It comes in the normal course of screening and is covered by statutory health insurance.

Laboratory medical Tests after a short period of time shows the result. Largest Diagnostic reliability but still provides the conventional biopsy using a surgical tissue sample, the dentists and oral surgeons prefer, in certain cases, the brush smear. It is in the extracted cells to the tumor precursors, the modified mucous membrane is usually easy to remove, and a malignant development. Subsequent periodic medical examinations reveal possible new changes to the skin quickly.

Christian Juncu is a specialist dentist for oral surgery with focus on implant dentistry and surgical Periodontology at the dental clinic Rhine-Ruhr in Mülheim an der Ruhr.

The is adults, adolescents and children with advanced dentistry available. The first goal of treatment is always to stop the tooth, which is why prevention plays a key role.

The senior dentists Roland Althoff, specializing in endodontics and aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry, as well as Uwe Hildebrand, specializing in periodontics, and prosthodontics.

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