Sport improves the metabolism is stronger than assumed

Sport improves the metabolism is stronger than assumed

The impact of Training on the metabolism may be significantly larger than previously accepted by scientists: When 52 young men who just started their career as soldiers and 80 days of intensive strength and endurance training had completed, had changed a number of metabolic parameters is massively Positive.

Before and after the 80-day training program for the approximately 200 measured end products of metabolism changes found in the blood of the soldiers in numerous. These were, in part, of previously unknown magnitude, for example, the trained muscles burned significantly more fat than expected. Also the level of substances from the intestine, breakdown products of proteins and blood coagulation, as well as the blood circulation factors had changed significantly. Further, there were positive effects on blood pressure, heart rate, Fitness, body fat and body weight.

In the case of some of the participants of this training were observed benefits, however, are less strongly or hardly. They had higher concentrations of a substance called DMGV in the blood. Dr. John F. O’sullivan of the University of Sydney, said: "This is fascinating, because another recent study found that this metabolism-not says the final product before, who benefits from the Sport. The DMGV-level is influenced by the genotype and the diet, it increases with sugary drinks and falls with vegetables and fiber. Through the measurement of DMGV persons can be identified, the need to have other strategies as a movement, your cardiovascular reduce risk."

Particularly meaningful to the investigation because the soldiers lived in the same environment, and it is thus usually difficult to controllable factors such as diet, Stress, sleep patterns, and work environment were similar. The effect of the training program could be determined well.