Spahns plans for the pharmacist

Spahns plans for the pharmacist

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) does not want to prohibit mail order sales of prescription medicines. The pharmacy on site to stäTurks, he has a million-dollar Maßpackage geschn&uuml took;rt

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU, li.) and ABDA-PräPresident Friedemann Schmidt

If the pharmacist a Christmas wish free h&auml had;sites, then wäre the have been a prohibition of mail order sales with prescription drugs. This desire erfüFederal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), not llt. On the sidelines of the meeting of the members of the Federal Association of German Apothekenverbände (ABDA) has Pl&auml Jens Spahn yesterday in Berlin, his;ne für the pharmacies. Mail order prescription drugs want to Spahn on fünf percent market share limit, but not – as in the coalition agreement &ndash provided; ban. A ban was "Europe legally, but also politically unwägbar", the Minister said.

Apothekerverbände had f&uuml in the past few months;r a shipping trade ban. Since a judgment of the Europäcourt of justice two years ago ausl&auml are;foreign Versandhä& gegenüber German pharmacies in the advantage: you köcan offer your customers discounts, wäwhile pharmacies in this country is tied to the German drug price regulation and no discounts gewädo dümay.

Limit für mail order from abroad

With a new regime Jens Spahn wants the pharmacies and the ausläforeign Versandhä& now "in Relation" : He plans the discounts that the ausläforeign mail order pharmacies to their customers k&ouml give;to limit can, to 2.50 euros per pack. As soon as the ausläforeign shipping trade with prescription drugs, with a market share of more than fünf-reach percent, should again überprübe ft whether discounts beschrärestrict.

To compensate for Spahn has a million-dollar Maßpackage f&uuml took;r the pharmacist geschnürt. He fühle himself "ausdrücklich" committed to the objective of üover the pharmacies the fläcomprehensive supply of medicines to ensure and expand. So you should üabout a doubling of the night and emergency service in a lump sum, more money you get. The function of the emergency services will receive a pharmacy, around 550 Euro. So fließ120 million euros en more für night and emergency services to pharmacies.

Additional fees für services

Außerdem should be rewarded services, the pharmacies may already now, free of charge, to offer, about Prävention offers, medication analysis or Impfberatungen. Dafür a plans to Jens Spahn 240 million euros. Für the aufwäfull Hold and Dispense Betäexercise means you should zusäin addition, again, 15 million euros on top of it.

Overall, the Minister wants to f&uuml thus 375 million euros more;r the pharmacies to spend.

Already the end of January, Jens Spahn &quot plans;legislative aktiv" to be. He indicated that he and his Pläne to an already ongoing legislative process anhängen köcould.

Pharmacists respond to skeptical

It remains to be seen whether the Federal health Minister, the Unterstüthe establishment of the German pharmacist gets. The Federal Association Of German Apothekenverbände wants to pr&uuml the vertices of the Federal Ministry of health in the coming weeks;fen. However, many pharmacists are not yet of Jens Spahns Plänen üassured. According to ABDA-PräPresident Friedemann Schmidt were serious doubts as to the right to safe, legal implementation of the Vorschläge geäußert – in particular, with regard to the discount scheme and the limitation of the shipping trade.

Also Friedemann Schmidt sees still "Knackpunkte". With a view to the planned fee-Erhöhungen für pharmacist he said following the meeting yesterday evening, nevertheless, of "großen Chancen". He will be with the Ministry of health in the Gespräch. If Spahns Maßpackage adopted on 17. January 2019 in the näthe next ABDA-meeting of members a majority is open.

Health officials are divided

The coalition partners with Spahns Plänen satisfied. "The Vorschläge has submitted to the Minister of health Spahn now, we are in part well known. We even have them in äa similar Form of months ago in the discussion eingebracht", the health policy spokeswoman of the SPD parliamentary group, Sabine Dittmar said. Consent to Spahns decision not to prohibit pharmacies-mail order prescription drugs, also came from the Grünen, FDP, and from the Federation of German consumer organisations.

Calculated from Spahns private party resistance. Several health policy-makers äußthe first and last one is critical. The drug expert Michael Hennrich (CDU) erklärte, he see, in particular, in the case of the Bonus scheme "significant Klärungsbedarf". Is it problematic that only ausläforeign suppliers give discounts düare likely to.

Jens Spahn, not only pharmacists, but also in the own ranks &Uuml…conviction work.

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