Soldiers in Spain to disinfect ancient homes and found the bodies in the beds

Soldiers in Spain to disinfect ancient homes and found the bodies in the beds

Spain is to Italy as the country worst hit by the Coronavirus pandemic – it is now used in the army to fight against the further spread of the Virus. The armed forces should, for example, to disinfect ancient homes.

The images, which were available to the soldiers on such missions in the past few days, must have been bad. Defence Minister Margarita Robles reported Monday in the television station Telecinco, that members of the army would have found in homes for the elderly residents that were left completely to themselves. “In some cases, they were dead in their beds,” said the politician. Her Ministry announced, according to the BBC, some of the old homes had been abandoned by the nursing staff, after Coronavirus infection has been detected.

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Spain General Prosecutor’s office has now launched an investigation to the conditions in the old people’s homes during the Corona lighting crisis, write to the BBC and the AFP news Agency.

Minister Robles said according to the BBC, their country will very would be strict, if it is a question of how elderly people in nursing homes are treated. In retirement homes in Spain, dozens of people died in the last of the novel Coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19.

Helpless old people, while the Coronavirus pandemic

Reports of helpless old people are likely to shake the country in the current crisis. Minister of health Salvador Illa was quoted saying, the government in Madrid to see in the fight against the spread of the Virus an “absolute priority” for the elderly homes for the elderly. The Situation in these institutions should intensively be monitored.

According to the BBC, corpses of old people’s home are residents in Spain under normal circumstances, to be kept so, for example, prior to the pandemic – in refrigerated warehouses until they are picked up by the funeral home. But will suspected as the cause of death Covid-19, remaining dead in their beds, to the professionally equipped funeral you pick up. In the capital Madrid, which is particularly hard hit by the Coronavirus crisis, it could take up to 24 hours, reports the BBC.

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Spain reports more than 33,000 Coronavirus infections, to Monday, 2182 died of the infection. The last were counted within 24 hours, an additional 462 to Covid-19 dead people.

Meanwhile, there are also capacity problems in the storage of the dead. According to the BBC, was converted, therefore, an ice-skating rink in Madrid in a temporary morgue.

Sources: BBC, AFP news Agency

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