Skin care in Winter: cold damage prevent right

Skin care in Winter: cold damage prevent right

In the cold Season the skin is exposed to many pressures: the lower the temperatures are, the less fat, the glands produce. In addition, warm heating dry air, cold Wind, rain and snow, the skin barrier. The unpleasant episode: itchy, scaly and taut skin. How to prevent and what to consider when it comes to winter sports, explains pharmacist Ursula Funke.

In the daily care routine Funke advises the use of a rich night cream that can be applied in the morning, a hand cream, a lip cream and a body lotion. Useful back are in Winter, fat products with Panthenol, Pantothenic acid, Allantoin and Vitamin E. urea (Urea) on the other hand is a good moisturizer. "It depends on the skin type, what products exactly passen", Funke says. In the local pharmacy can be each individually to the skin type-appropriate care to advise.

Proper skin care is especially important if it goes in the direction of the ski lift. "Water-free or water-poor, Lipogels, grease, pastes or water-in-Oil creams are an ideal Grundlage", pharmacist Funke says. It is a skin oil or fat will rich cold cream as a thin layer is applied. This keeps out the cold and prevent excessive Evaporation of skin moisture. However, caution is advised when Apr├Ęs-Ski or a longer stay in heated rooms: Here fat-rich creams should be better removed to prevent Overheating of the skin.

On the slopes is also essential: a sunscreen with a high protection factor. Because the height of only the UV radiation increases, the reflection from the snow are not to be underestimated.


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