Resting heart rate: large differences from person to person

Resting heart rate: large differences from person to person

Fitness trackers and other portable devices makes it easy to monitor the heart rate continuously. The analysis of such data revealed that the resting heart rate of individuals in the long term, fairly stable. Between different people, you can, however, differ greatly.

Heart rate data from 92.457 individuals showed that the normal resting heart rate of a Person over time is relatively constant. The average value was 65 beats per Minute, but the wingspan was very large. It ranged from 40 to 109 beats per Minute. Between individual people difference, therefore, almost up to 70 beats per Minute.

The resting heart rate, it seems to be a very individual value, its variance with age, gender, Body Mass Index (BMI) and the average daily duration of sleep had a total of less than 10 percent, only a little. Also, a slight seasonal Trend was observed: In January, the resting heart rate was a little higher and in July, a little lower. In some individuals in addition, short periods were observed, in which your resting heart rate by ten or more beats per Minute of your normal range differed. The authors believe that such fluctuations in the resting heart rate may be early changes in the health status detect.

Possible, the largest collection of data was through the widespread use of Wearables, so devices that are worn on the body and health register data. So heart rate were recorded data of nearly 33 million days and evaluated.