Researchers estimate that herd immunity will be the first in many years reached

Researchers estimate that herd immunity will be the first in many years reached

Leading researchers agree that a consistent containment of Coronavirus from an epidemiological point of view at the Moment is the “only viable strategy”. “To Achieve a “herd immunity” would require, according to the available data a period of a few years, if the health care system should not be overloaded”, – said in a statement, the President of the Max Planck society, the Fraunhofer society, the Helmholtz Association and the Leibniz Association.

Corona-measures over a long period of time

“Our models agree that even with optimistic estimates of the unreported over the years and many of the Dead would require moving,” said the experts. Therefore, restrictive measures are also in such a way over the entire period would have to be maintained, they emphasize. In addition, it was not known how long people are infection immune.


Antibody tests: I’m against Corona immune?

Therefore, the experts suggest, on the Basis of mathematical analyses of the data, to initially reduce the new infections to continue until an effective contact tracing is possible. Among other things, also a test capacity, but also the possibilities of traceability (Tracing) should be strengthened. On the Basis of the targeted cross-section tests, especially in areas with an increased risk of infection could be established an early-warning infrastructure.

For the long-term management of the Corona-pandemic new medical discoveries and pharmaceutical developments will be decisive. “The proposed strategy must be adapted as soon as new insights allow for this or a vaccine is available”, – stated in the strategy paper.

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