Pimples on the back – the origins, causes, and treatment

Pimples on the back – the origins, causes, and treatment

Blemishes on the back

Pimples on the back, almost everyone is familiar with. The majority of the people that pimples sprout on the face, knows well the festering pustules on the back. This is no wonder: similar to the face, the back has glands more sebaceous glands per square inch than the Rest of the body.

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The most important facts – An Overview

  • Pimples on the back are widely used.
  • In the puberty, pregnancy, menopause and during Menstruation, hormonal changes are usually the cause.
  • Other factors, dead skin cells and dirt sweat.
  • Mild acne breaks out in the face, but medium and heavy acne also affects the back.
  • Showering, bathing and sauna help pimples on the back and to prevent and alleviate an existing acne.
  • In severe cases, acid treatments and Vitamin A supplements, offer Fruit.

Emergence of pimples on the back

In the case of acne on the back of a small red nodule formed in the skin, the body feels thickened. There are blackheads, because the output of sebum verhornt glands and the sebum accumulates. This is shown as a white dot. The cornea tear layer, then the blackhead black. Bacteria are added, to ignite the whole, and the pimples blooms.

Causes of back pimples

The pimples arise in the same way as in the face. The sebaceous glands are overactive and excess sebum clogged in the pores. In Addition, dead skin cells and bacteria begin to multiply disproportionately. This leads to inflammation and pimples. These are usually larger than the face, because the skin pores on the back are larger. This is due to incorrect diet, and sometimes allergies, but more often an off-kilter a bit hormonal balance.

Clothing as a cause

To irritating tight clothing the pores. Also in unwashed clothes with dried sweat, which mixes with dead skin, bacteria can multiply and cause pimples. If you are wearing a backpack or in the back long in the same Position to a chair backrest, can worsen the pressure and the friction existing acne. This is further strengthened by heat in case of bad air exchange. Therefore, the pimples, the risk is in the back in the Winter, if you wear the thick sweater in the office. Problematic synthetic materials such as Polyester, block out the air, while the sweat under the cotton evaporates better. The sweat can’t evaporate, clogging the pores, the sebum can not drain, it pimples. By the bacteria that live in the sweat, can ignite these pimples to the bumps so that you, pustules, papules, and nodules to grow.


The pimples related skin disease is acne. Almost all young people develop at times, as well as many adults. Cause hormonal fluctuations. Often pustules, pimples and blackheads occur on the face. Acne on the back, in contrast, is rare. Every third person Concerned under a medical treatment.

Acne vulgaris occur during puberty, triggered by the changes in the hormone balance during this phase of life. Boys are affected more often than girls. Medical treatment of acne vulgaris is well healed, it is not treated, it disappears, usually up to 25. Years of age, but may also extend into the fifth decade of life.

The lightest Form of acne comedonica, reaches the back, but in the Form of blackheads on the facial skin. The acne papulopustulosa is characterized by blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed pimples. This means severe acne spreads to the face and back. The worst is the acne conglobata. Here, the face and back are damaged equally. The pimples develop into nodes, ignite and leave for Healing scars, reminiscent of smallpox scars.


As acne allergic reactions are referred to:

  • the contact-acne,
  • the cosmetic acne,
  • the chlorine-acne,
  • the Doping acne,
  • and medicines acne.

Allergic acne can be combated by avoiding the substance that triggers the reactions, or avoid him. In the case of a medical Allergy test, it can be determined which substances cause an allergic skin reaction may cause.

The Hormones

Mild and moderate acne is generally caused by androgens, the male sex hormones, for example testosterone. Also women produce and in women also trigger acne. Because men produce, but to a greater extent, these hormonally-induced acne is also more common. However, the production of testosterone increases in males up to the twenty-somethings, while most of the acne cases are in puberty.

How come? These androgens stimulate the sebaceous production of the skin glands. Usually, the sebum on the pores migrates to the outside. However, in the puberty, the production of horn material is increasing, and this closes now the outputs for the in Excess of produced sebum. The accumulates in the skin, where closed comedo. Through the Horny layer of the whitish sebaceous shimmers. In women, the hormones fluctuate especially during pregnancy, in the menopause, the the Anti-Baby-Weaning-pill and during Menstruation. In these times, acne breaks out in women often.

Other Factors

Hormones, allergies and lack of Hygiene are not the only cause for acne on the back. Also, the genetic disposition, mental problems and Stress can trigger acne or existing acne to increase.

Medicines and cosmetics

Also, ingredients of medicines and fats in cosmetics can boost the production of sebum or clog the pores.
Drugs that can cause pimples on the back are for example:

  • Cortisone,
  • Anabolic steroids,
  • Adreno corticotropin,
  • Psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants,
  • Neuroleptics,
  • Antibiotics,
  • Halogens,
  • EGF-receptor antagonists for the treatment of cancer,
  • in addition, the vitamins B 2, B 6 and B 12.

Pimples back through Sport

By Stress the hormone Cortisol increases, the skin becomes oily, and fosters the pimples on the back. Sport releases endorphins that relieve Stress. At the same time, Sport leads to sweat, which is not a Problem. Sweating cools and detoxifies the body. Sweat, however, associated with dead cells and dirt can lead to pimples. Tight sports clothing promotes such pimples formation. You can avoid this if you have to wear a sports air-permeable clothing made of cotton and sports showers, best with a special soap that cleans the skin impurities.

Self-help with pimples on the back

There are several recommendations you should keep in mind, if you want to prevent pimples on the back and with home remedies already existing inflamed skin to treat pores.

The sun doesn’t help with pimples on the back, but aggravated the symptoms. (Image: jokerpro/fotolia.com)

Bathing and showering

You can prevent pimples on the back, by removing the sweat, dead skin and dirt in the shower or bath. This is shower better than a bath because the shower is always fresh water on the skin, and the shower head acts like a soft brush. When bathing, you can move an existing inflammation. You should shower off after bathing, so always thoroughly.

Especially whole-body baths recommended with essential Oils of spearmint or peppermint. The Menthol has antiseptic properties and strengthens the immune system. Marigolds are effective against bacteria. You should wash off the essential Oils but be sure after bathing, because the layer of Oil can clog the pores, and thus the outputs for the sebum.

Back brushes

Acne can develop on the back, since the back is difficult to clean. Use the brush, therefore, a special Back, with this you can remove dried sweat and skin residues. Move the brush gently and do not scrub the skin because on irritated skin, pimples arise quickly.

Caution when “healing” sun

The popularly recommends to the sun, the pimples to “dry out”. Please don’t try that. A long stay in the sun aggravates acne on the back and can even cause skin cancer. The back is made of skin dries, the sets, in turn, the fat production of the body. You sweat more, clog pores, new pimples from forming. Sunscreen, sebum and UV radiation created free radicals are the cause for the “Mallorca acne”, especially on the back.

Sauna for acne

In the sauna, the steam softens the skin, opens the pores and cleans them. Dead skin cells will fall. With the sauna, preventing pimples. After the sauna, you should shower immediately and the sweat will not wash off, so that the clogging of the pores.

Medical treatment for back pimples

Each person has a pimple on the skin and that is not a reason for concern. In a dermatological practice, you should go but if your skin worsens suddenly, with large pimples that become inflamed and pain. You should also have a medical check-up, when you realize that you are suffering from the pimples mentally. The psychological strain is in the case of pimples on the back although less than face acne, but some people dislike it, with pustules on the back of a beach to visit or to wear a wide neckline.

Pop the pimples?

Pimples on the back you should not Express, as they can easily infect. In the case of very large pimples, you do not need to wait until they disappear on their own, but can a competent cosmetic or dermatological treatment.

Fruit Acids Exfoliation

If you have a heavy pick Elbe case can be recognized acids in dermatological practice a fruit-Peeling. This tincture is made of concentrated fruit acid, the outpatient is applied to the skin. The acid inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause the acne and just etch away the top layer of skin. You usually need several sessions in intervals of four weeks, the cost is approximately 90 Euro.

Dermatological Ointments

These ointments contain Vitamin A, or azelaic acid, and dry up the pimples. Be sure to observe the house doctor’s instructions. It is aggressive and may not be overdosed. In severe cases, Vitamin A pills are prescribed. These act on the blood and dry up the pimples from the inside.


In the case of severe acne, sometimes, an antibiotic is prescribed. This inhibits the inflammation and fights the acne from the inside. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)


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