Pills for pleasure

Pills for pleasure

Treatment of Potenzstöconclusions: medicines for erectile dysfunction are cheap like never. But they also have side effects and not Everyone should take them

Modern agents should also potency problems Sex erm&ouml spontaneous;aligned

Man, wanted Sex, but could there have been for a long time only two reasonably effective assistance: a umstähourly to hand­use a vacuum pump or unpleasant injections into the Penis. According to groß the joy &uuml was;about a little blue, rautenförmige tablet, which came to the market in 1998. Finally M&auml had;men with potency problems a discreet and wirk­same Behandlungsmöof urgency.

The intake of PDE-5 inhibitors, the drug class is called, has quickly established itself as the standard therapy for erectile dysfunction. ­A großen disadvantage brought the drugs, however, they were expensive. Around 15 Euro cost, a single tablet – für many of the affected Mämen hardly affordable.

Sex spontaneous möpossible

The ge&auml in the past few years, almost abruptly;changed. Already in 2015, the Viagra active ingredient Sildenafil, lost its patent protection in November 2017, followed "Weekend Pille" known Tadalafil. Because now other manufacturers Präparate offer with these ingredients, prices fell at a für the drugs by up to 60 percent.

The eröopens affected Mämen also have a new treatment option. "Tadalafil is läViking effective and in low doses to täadjusted duration of therapy zugelassen", erklärt Dr. Christian Leiber, head of the section of andrology at the University hospital Freiburg. The ermödaily, at any time, a sexual Aktivität, without having to plan in advance. The üother PDE-5 inhibitors mühave to be applied, however, up to half an hour before the sexual intercourse.

Training für the Schwellköbody

Bodies presumed to be a regelmä­ßige taking the übleached and mostly unnoticed näconsiderable Erek­tions unterstütze. "This, then, is a kind of Training für the Schwellkörpersystem", erklärt of the expert.

Benefit köcould in addition, patients with a benign Prostatavergrößachievements, not on the üalleged drugs from the group of Alpha­blocker response or not tolerated. Leiber: "Tadalafil in these patients, a posi­tive influence on the water."

No Miracle Pills

Miracle pills PDE-5 inhibitors are not. In diabetic patients with Stöto nerves and Gefäßen remains the medikamentöse therapy häfrequently ineffective. Also in the case of prostate cancer patients after radical prostatectomy or after radiation treatments, the tablets do not beat. And if the testosterone level is low, develop the PDE-5 inhibitors are often no sufficient effects. The doctor may measure the levels of the hormone in advance in the blood.

"A ämedical diagnosis is generally indispensable, in order to prüfen, whether the Patient is suitable for such medication, if he weiß, how the therapy works and what to pay attention hat", Leiber says.

Potency the pattern of heart

This is especially true für heart patients. You müshot, for example, be very careful if you are taking at the same time, nitrates. In connection with PDE-5 inhibitors, the blood can drop pressure. All of which dispense medications müshot, rät andrologist bodies: "A Lebensstil­­ächange with weight reduction, sporting Betästabilization and avoidance of Smoking is often just as good as the PDE-5 inhibitors."

Also, Professor Sabine Kliesch of the German society für urology, emphasizes that Erektionsstöfor äcertificate m&uuml be treated;shot: "Ultimately, it is patients with a ümainly organic Stöaging, and other serious diseases k&ouml hide;can." Potency problems were Frühwarnsymp­tome für cardiovascular disease:

Warning Erektionsstöof

The risk factors für Erektionsstöarrangements are with those of cardiovascular disease identical.

The penile arteries have an inner diameter of about one to two millimeters, the größeren Herzkranzgefäße of about four to fünf millimeters. Symptoms occur when a Gefäß at least 50 percent closed.

This means that upon the Occurrence of Erektionsstöthe Herzkranzgefäße womöresembled already a third closed. "There are very good studies that show that Erektionsstöthe cardiac events as Herz­infarction and stroke is three to füfive years vorausgehen", Dr. Christian Leiber says.

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