Pharmacy emergency service on Christmas and the holidays

Pharmacy emergency service on Christmas and the holidays

On Christmas eve, and the coming Christmas holidays, many people enjoy throughout the year. Headache, upset stomach, or fever, of all things, right now no one. Well, that, pharmacies, night, Christmas, new year’s eve and new year’s day in Germany -, and emergency strips. On you can find out where the nearest emergency pharmacy.

Which pharmacy in your area emergency services can find you quickly and free of charge with the emergency service search on Simply enter the desired location or zip code in the search box, and it will be displayed to you all the duty pharmacies in the area with a map. The emergency search is optimized for Smartphones and Tablets.

Other ways to find the nearest open pharmacy:

  • With the free App “pharmacy finder” for iOS and Android.
  • Call from a landline phone: 0800 00 22833 (free of charge) or from a mobile phone without the area code: 22833 (max. 69 Cents/Minute). There, they spoke with a computer-controlled dialog system. This prompts you for your zip code, and reads to the nearest emergency pharmacies.
  • SMS with five-digit zip code: 22833 (max. 69 cents/SMS). You will immediately receive multiple response SMS with the nearest emergency service pharmacy.
  • Mobile Internet: or in the Browser enter.

If you or a family member to a doctor, you can turn holidays and in the night to the medical stand-by service at the number 116117. For emergencies the number 112 is responsible.

The editors of and the New pharmacy magazines wishes you all a healthy and merry Christmas!


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