Opposition to organ donation: Soon, everyone could be automatically to the donor

Opposition to organ donation: Soon, everyone could be automatically to the donor

How can you increase the number of organ donors in Germany? It is established that in 2019, were donated fewer organs than in the previous year. Shortly before the vote in the Bundestag, Germany debated, as in the future, more and more terminally ill people to be helped.

For more than 9000 people in Germany, the Wait for a life-and-death. You are not in urgent need of an organ donation, because your body to function properly. Every year, the health condition worsens over 1000 patients on the waiting lists, so much so that either no transplant is possible, or even die. The big scandals to manipulated waiting lists are already a few years, the attitude of the Germans according to polls, as positive as ever. Only: There is a lack of suitable donors.

In the past year, the number of organ donors fell slightly from 955 932. "Statistically, the fluctuations, not a big Ă„nderung&quot are seen;, Axel Rahmel, Medical Director of the German organ transplantation Foundation (DSO), says.

Every donation helps severely ill

It is important that the significant growth in the year 2018 was not a runaway. The number of organs donated fell by 2019 from 3113 to 2995. The were kidneys, according to preliminary information from Monday 1524, 726 livers, 329 lung, 324 the heart, 87 of the stomach salivary glands and 5 small intestines. Each donor gave an average of more than three a new chance at life sick.

The policy has the problem on the screen. In the past year, the law was amended: To transplant the Ombudsman received in the hospitals a higher priority, your work is better remunerated. Training for the handling of patient orders, and a better analysis of deaths in hospitals are also expected to contribute to the number of organ donations is increasing. For the first time, the care of the members – an appreciation that is not appreciate from Rahmels term was included in addition. dpa

The Bundestag is to vote on contradiction solution

That all of this can help, since all the experts agree. How much it will help remains to be seen how the pace at which the improvements occur. The DSO recorded in the past few months, at least, more requests of the hospitals.

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A lot of promise in the majority of the vote, which is due this Thursday in the Bundestag: Then there is also the so-called contradiction solution. Two cross-party legislative drafts are: A group of Members to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) proposes a "double Widerspruchslösung" before.

Thus, automatically all citizens as organ donor to apply. You should be able to say to this, but later, no, otherwise, would be for members to ask. This is a group for Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock rejects. It proposes to the citizens to pick up at least every ten years, to the reporting on the issue.

The advantage of the contradiction solution: Everyone has to deal with organ donation apart

Rumia says, the contradiction solution would mean that each had to deal with the topic. "More than 40 percent of the negative decisions are not made today by members who don’t know, what to the Deceased." However, he &quot also warns:;The contradiction the solution is not just a building block. As a result not be double from one day to another the Numbers."

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So far, Organ-withdrawals only an explicit Yes is allowed. Philosopher Dieter Birnbacher, a member of the Central ethics Commission of the German medical Association, says the rate of refusals of the members are hanging with the respective settings in the countries. "In Germany medicine prevails in respect of the High-Tech-still a Misstrauenskultur", so Birnbacher. "It would be good if more potential donors would respond to his lifetime." dpa/Daniel Maurer/dpa , so Far, are Organ withdrawals, only an explicit Yes is allowed.

Organ donation: Bureaucratic hurdles in Germany

A second point is important: The death of the people must be by proof of the irrevocable failure of the overall function of the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the brain stem, without any doubt. Two Doctors examine the independent of each other. For example, organ donation in Spain after circulatory standstill is possible in Germany but not allowed. "This is a relatively thick Board, and has its own ethical Herausforderungen", Rumia says.

A suitable recipient is found, it is a matter of time: "Some organs can only be for a short time, a heart tin, for example, only four Stunden", it is in the DSO. In the case of a kidney more than 20 hours could elapse until the transplant.

Expert for concentration of organ donation-Expertise

Around 1300, so-called Withdrawal hospitals in Germany. Birnbacher also sees a Problem here, because the large number leads to the conclusion that too few transplants per incurred ICU, and little Expertise existed. A concentration and specialization, as, for instance, in Denmark, achieved, is therefore desirable. "The local interests entgegen&quot are, however,;, so Birnbacher. "I think the concentration, however, is inevitable, not only in the patient interest, but also because of the problems of the financial viability of the existing system."

The German hospital society (DKG) refers to a 2018 published study for Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. They show that the Removal of identifying hospitals, almost all of the potential organ donor. However, the study noted makers of, among other things, that, for example, not in all cases, in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal chamber of physicians a diagnosis for brain failure was made. The DKG is convinced, however, that with the Changes in the transplantation law in the spring of 2019 important adjusting screws have been adjusted, in order to strengthen organ donation in Germany.

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