Numbers like in Italy: Every six minutes a person in Madrid, dies by the Coronavirus

Numbers like in Italy: Every six minutes a person in Madrid, dies by the Coronavirus

Every six minutes is taken in Madrid a Coronavirus-Infected dead from the sick room. The intensive care units of the Spanish capital are now hopelessly overcrowded, the staff is totally overwhelmed. Some even break at work, in tears, like “El País” on the weekend reported.

The renowned newspaper headline on page One in large letters with the testimony of a Doctor: “This is the war of our Generation.”

The situation around Madrid is getting worse every day

“We don’t even have time to pee,” complains a doctor in the suburb of Getafe. More than ten percent of the Infected are Doctors, nurses and paramedics. Experts warn, when it is not in tightening of the curfew it will be in the next few days, a collapse of the health system – up to the “25. March around”, they claim.


Virologist Christian Drosten: "I don’t think we will again in the foreseeable future football stadiums full machen"

The situation in the Region of Madrid is every day more dramatic. The number of dead chips on Sunday the 1000 mark. Around eight percent, so nearly one tenth of all deaths worldwide. Similar bad the situation is currently otherwise only available in the Italian province of Bergamo.

The growing number of horror news – including a regional mortality rate of over ten per cent – putting more and more Madrileños in a panic. Despite strict curfew, families are trying to flee from the Corona of the Hotspot.

Escape from Corona-Hotspot

Fernando goes down on Saturday in the district of Chamberí one o’clock in the morning with his wife and child (6) into the car. “We thought long and hard, but now we try to go to the vacant house of the great-grandparents of my wife,” says the 35-year-old lawyer, before he stowed the last suitcase and drives off.

Your goal in a small community about 100 kilometres West of Madrid, the family is not achieved, however. “We were sent by the police to a highway control back,” he tells us on Sunday. He? “No, next Time we try it the other way.” In the process, threatening in case of infringement, and, above all, in resistance against the state violence penalties of up to 600,000 euros and even jail.

"We and Corona"

"As long as the money is enough? The are really dramatic Stunden"

Police chases law-breakers

Fernando’s in Madrid is not an isolated case. According to a report by the television channel Telemadrid, the police started a hunt for law-breakers. The checks had been intensified at the weekend at the exits of the city. For such inspections the competent safety authorities, the national police and the para-military police took the unit of the Guardia Civil, the reports of dozens of festival and Thousands of criminal. The interior Ministry stressed again: It is lock under of the for a week current output allowed for the vacation to the sea or to the house of the family in the countryside – the many, not the well-heeled madrileños have to drive to.

Not only the frightening Figures make the Merengues mobile. There are the television images of sobbing, the Doctors, the tears in the eyes. You can see on the screen, such as the Ifema trade centre and Hotels are turned into hospitals. For the Transport of the sick to be used, in Madrid, meanwhile, also buses. A lot of attention a report of the “El País excited” that there is now an “ethical guide”, according to the Doctors in the case of a lack of intensive care beds should decide, among other things, on the basis of the life expectancy of who should preferably be treated.

A doctor for 8000 people

“All of this makes a lot of anxiety,” says Fernando’s wife. For this fear of the Madrileños, the security forces and most of the people and authorities in the flight destination locations, however, have little to no understanding. Enric Morera, President of the Region of Valencia, before throwing the main townspeople angrily to export the Virus.

The claim of the mayor of the village of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, about 70 kilometres West of Madrid, makes the Problem of escape from the crisis epicenter very clearly: “We have here only a doctor for more than 8000 people. If our population doubles all of a sudden, the health in danger.”

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