Newly divorced men and women with new partners are lazy

Newly divorced men and women with new partners are lazy

A Change in the marital status appears to make physical activity: For men, the just had a breakup and women who had found a new Partner, were counted less steps per day than people whose relationship had not changed.

The number of steps per day seems to be with the relationship status in the context: About four years, the step was measured in the number of adult persons. In the case of men who were divorced during this time and women who found a new Partner, took the step number noticeably. About the reasons can only be speculated. "It seems that a Change in the relationship status, women and men would be different auswirken", Kasper Salin of the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, says.

Overall, the number of daily steps increased during the four years of the observed individuals. The goal of 10,000 steps per day achieved at the beginning of the investigation, 19 per cent of the participants, four years later, there were 25 percent. "A special Training is not required in order to integrate more steps into everyday life. Instead, everyday decisions should be paid more attention, you could walk instead of driving, or the stairs instead of the lift nehmen", Salin says.

For the study, over four years, were cross-connections between the economical-social conditions, as well as the family, and physical activity were examined. In the study, a total of 1051 adults aged 30 to 45 years. They received a step counter and went to the beginning of the study and again four years later in a questionnaire, information about their personal circumstances, which were set in relationship to the number of measured steps.