Mole or skin cancer? What makes a good skin doctor treatment

Mole or skin cancer? What makes a good skin doctor treatment

In Germany, the skin cancer cases are increasing significantly. The regular monitoring of moles and skin changes can prevent the disease or early to stop. You have to and a good skin doctor to do it.

Rash, pimples, nail fungus, the the everyday practices problems skin doctor, the patient burden and of a good physician usually quick can be resolved. One of the most important tasks the Review of the skin of the patient to changes that can develop to cancer or a cancer is.

Skin cancer-Report of 2019, the technicians health insurance Fund has declared skin cancer, with around 270,000 new cases per year the most common cancer disease in Germany. Every seventh disease, it is a matter of black skin cancer, malignant melanoma. Because this cancer is very soon to metastasis, it is highly dangerous. In the years 2009 to 2015, it increased by 30 percent. The less of a risk of white skin cancer has increased in these years by more than 50 percent.

So white skin looks cancer

White skin cancer occurs mainly at the body on the sun-exposed to particularly are. These include the so-called sun terraces, for example, the nose, the neck, the forehead, the neckline, and especially for men skin with a bald head.

Unlike the Name suggests, forms of white skin cancer has no bright spots. A basal cell carcinoma is usually skin-coloured to reddish, and nodular or tumor-like. Also typical for the scale points are at the end of the skin with a hem made up of small nodules. The Tumor can oozing and bleeding.

Squamous cell carcinomas vary greatly in their appearance: they can be wart-like appear, or as a weeping ulcers. Often, the tumors are ragged, scaly, or crust-covered spots. Getty Images/iStockphoto The image shows a basal cell carcinoma.

So black skin looks cancer

The black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) developed in women, often on the lower legs, in men on the back. The appearance of the tumors is not uniform. Often flat, nodular, or raised dark brown or black spots show up. Reuters/Department of dermatology, University clinic of Tübingen Black skin cancer

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Since the year 2008, the statutory health insurance schemes offer the Insured persons from the age of 35. Year, every two years, a free screening of. Many insurance companies have corrected the age of Entitlement now significantly down. Skin doctors advise also to a control center 20. Where the Fund is not paid, proposes a standard examination with 50 euros.

Doctor identifies risk factors and offers tips on skin protection

Those who agreed to an appointment for the Screening, should be made aware to appear without a colored Polish on Finger and toe nails, since there also striking skin can show changes. Also on Make-up should be avoided.

Prior to the actual examination, the doctor will diseases of the patient, among other things, to the behavior in the sun, after previous skin and cancer of the skin and question cancer cases in the family.

He then gives in the case of normal findings (mostly) still on the advice for the protection of the skin against cancer. Are striking, from the Prescribe a therapeutic ointment a appointment for the outpatient removal of suspicious Male, up to direct Referral to an oncologist, everything is possible.

Skin cancer-fast-check: A simple Test reveals whether you have to get to the doctor

FOCUS Online skin-cancer-fast-check: A simple Test reveals whether you go to the doctor to

From the scalp to the sole of the foot – Good Screening checks in all parts of the body

A careful inspection of the body from head to toe, starting with the head skin over the whole body, including the body folds, such as on the Po, up to between the Toes and the sole of the foot. This is necessary because skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body.

For the first impression an experienced skin doctor meet the naked eye and bright light. Sometimes he will take a magnifying glass to help. And critical Points are commonly inspected with the so-called incident-light microscope (Dermatoscope). What looks like a magnifying glass with light, provides a view into the deeper layers of the skin and thus good discrimination of harmless mole and a suspicious skin change. The use of this instrument but it is only in exceptional cases as part of the Screenings of statutory health insurance funds paid.  

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No abnormalities of the skin doctor visit every two years

Also a self-performance Video-documentation of the skin examination. In modern practices, striking Bodies, and especially those which are to be observed, recorded, and stored.

Eventually, the skin doctor for the occasion, it can also remove a couple of minor annoying skin times, such as a wart. Such cosmetic corrections are no longer part of but for the investigation and must be paid extra.

A good dermatologist will go through all the steps carefully, to the patient, not additional action is necessary and not pushing him for no good reason-an early follow-up. In the best case, the Patient and the doctor can see only after two years.

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