Instead of laxatives: these five Exercises, you enable your intestinal

Instead of laxatives: these five Exercises, you enable your intestinal

By means of special Gymnastics, a carrier learns the intestine, to work regulated. Those who regularly perform the Exercises, is protected from constipation and may even decrease. The digestive system works again, of course.

Constipation is the suffering of a people. About a third of the German swallows intermittently or even constantly laxatives to have daily bowel movements. Because the braked digestion is not only uncomfortable, but draws numerous complaints: bloating, abdominal pain, weight gain and, not least, the risk of cancer is increased by the long stay of food residue in the intestine.

Anyone who regularly takes laxatives, the risk of serious diseases

For many of the handle to discharge drops, capsules, or powder, therefore, become a habit. However, to take a laxative is always risky – in case of a permanent intake to sodium and potassium deficiency, which can lead to heart rhythm disorders. The intestinal structure may change permanently.

A gentle, but secure, method to activate the gut without chemical or herbal assistance, is targeted movement. There are Exercises specifically to assist the intestinal peristalsis, of the intestine, so help, its contents of course to carry.

Sports for the intestines

The following five Exercises take only five to ten minutes. Important: do not continue to Breathe in calmly and slowly, and presses you, and you don’t stop in the air:

1. Respiratory flexion

Stand tall and breathe. Exhale and bend forward, the torso hangs down, the fingers of spraying touching (if possible) the floor. Seven times, slowly breathing in and out, straighten and re-bend.

2. Knee ball

You lay on your back, pull your knees to your chest and cover the knees with the hands. Short stay, then the legs drop slowly stretched ten times to repeat.

3. Upper body lift

Now lay on your stomach, arms stretched forward, palms on the floor. Arms and hands lift slightly from the ground, upper body slightly upright. This voltage should be kept short, then, slowly, the arms drop to ten times, repeat.

4. Belly lifter

You go in the all-fours position, back and buttocks form a line. Slowly exhale and pull the belly. Thereafter, the stomach, back again, relax and let it hang down, exhale. Five times repeat.

5. Navel puller

You go in the fit of the heel, stretch the arms up over the head and place the palms together, index fingers pointing upwards to the ceiling. Stretch the arms in this Position even further to the top and move the shoulder blades forward slightly.

You speak in this Position, the mantra syllables, “Sat-Nam”, a satellite state briefly how sick and the umbilical pull inwards, towards the spine. In the case of Nam, then the navel then release and relax. This Exercise about ten times to repeat. To conclude, again take a deep breath, the breath, short pause and then the exhale, the hands on the knees, close your eyes and relax or, if you can, meditate.

Daily intestinal exercise

If you perform this intestine training a day, your colon restore its active and all natural. And if you add more fruits and vegetables in the diet, also drink plenty of fluids (bottled water), has constipation, hardly a Chance. By the way, the abdominal muscles are improved, the waist firmer and flab smaller and smaller.