How safe is Germany before the Horror of Virus?

How safe is Germany before the Horror of Virus?

In West Africa, the Ebola Virus is raging unabated. Now, the first Ebola patients arrived in Germany. An epidemic is threatening to also here? FOCUS Online explains how the Hamburg hospital prepared for the arrival of the patient.

Since today, Doctors at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), treat the Diseased, for the first Time on Ebola. The staff of the world health authority (WHO) has arrived in the morning in Hamburg.

The grey Spezialjet was landed with the patient on Board at the business aircraft center at the airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel. A convoy of fire trucks and police vehicles approaching drove them to the Jet, two people in white protective suits have left the plane. Around 10.30 am the convoy began to move and left the airport. Firefighters brought the patient with an Insulating ambulance to the UKE.

The WHO have requested the treatment in Germany, said the spokesman for the health authority, Roland Ahrendt. The UKE is prepared to deal with highly infectious diseases – it is one of the German specialty clinics with a Department in the Infected can be isolated. Appropriate scenarios will be practiced according to the information provided by Doctors on a weekly basis. Also the Hamburg airport and the rescue service had prepared for some time on a possible Transport.

The UKE was already a few weeks ago as the destination of an Ebola Sick from Africa in conversation. The man was not but in the end, more transportable and died in Africa.

Security measures are high

The WHO staff is actually the first Ebola case in Germany. A similarly devastating epidemic in West Africa threatens us? The University hospital Eppendorf (UKE) and the connected, Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine in Hamburg have experience in the treatment of highly contagious diseases. A special treatment center of the medical campus, provides patients with life-threatening pathogens, such as Filoviruses – you are responsible for the Ebola and Marburg Virus, or corona viruses (SARS)?

“We stand ready at any time for an emergency,” said UKE spokeswoman Christine Trowitzsch already in July, on request by FOCUS Online. “Also, of course, about Ebola.” The Hanseatic city was the inclusion of Patients ready and prepared for it, said Trowitzsch. The safety precautions are so high that there is for employees and the General Public no reason for concern.

Special isolation ward in Germany

Such facilities there are in addition to Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt (Main), Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. The Berlin Charité hospital has at your location, Virchow-Klinikum of the largest German epidemic station, with more than 20 beds.

On such a special isolation wards of Patients is entered through a lock system. In the outer lock of the chamber, the staff showers, and protective clothing can attract. The inner chamber of Doctors and nurses come to the patient. When discharging, the protective clothing is disinfected.

Throughout the area there is pressure, so that pathogens cannot get to the outside. Also, for the ventilation system, the waste water from washbasin, shower and toilet, and waste disposal, special rules apply.

In the treatment centres, trained personnel works specifically. The team members regularly practice for emergencies.

Low epidemic risk for Germany

Previously, experts had considered the General risk situation as less threatening. “The overall risk of infection with Ebola is classified in Germany as very low,” said the Robert Koch-Institute, in spite of a WHO warning of the end of July.

At the airports, however, there are clear plans for an emergency. “Should there be a flight attendant an infectious or high fever of the passenger, to notify the Pilot immediately, the air navigation or the arrival airport,” said Christian H. from Düsseldorf airport on 29. July to FOCUS Online the process. The airport would then immediately inform the health authorities, and the machine is on a separate Park position. Then Medical officers would suits – if necessary also in protection in the machine and decide on further action. The airports of Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin-Brandenburg are provided by the Federal Ministry of health for the entry of highly infectious passengers, and of such an emergency, must keep plans.

However, the danger in Düsseldorf, according to Hinkel is relatively low. Passengers from West Africa would first have to change trains in London or Brussels, with direct flights from the affected areas to land in Düsseldorf.

Ebola cases in West and Central Africa

A click on the country shows by the WHO registered Infected cases and deaths up to and including 25. August.