Holiday in the Corona-pandemic: What travelers now must pay attention

Holiday in the Corona-pandemic: What travelers now must pay attention

As of Monday it is to the extent that: a number of travel warnings in Europe, which were pronounced during the Coronavirus pandemic, be withdrawn. This was decided by the Federal government. The summer holidays should not be mandatory. What you need to know holiday makers now, says the center for travel medicine (CRM).

15. June lifted travel warnings for the countries of the EU, as well as the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Should be replaced by differentiated travel advice, assistance with the planning of your holiday.

"Travelers are at risk for a potentially, because you can plug in on site, on the other, but they are also potentially hazardous, as they bring the infection in other countries können", Professor Dr. med says. Tomas Jelinek, the scientific Director of the CRM. Currently, it is therefore essential that also in the holiday, the applicable hygiene rules are adhered to. "One of these in addition to thorough and frequent hand the distance control wash, among other things: The distance to people who do not live in the same household, should be 1.5 meters. Where this is not possible – for example, in shops or at busier locations – is recommended to Wear a mouth-nose protection."

To the travel Luggage are, therefore, necessarily:

  • Mouth protection in sufficient quantity
  • Disinfectant for the hands, if no Laundry facilities are

Holiday Jelinek in addition to inform yourself before the start of the journey about which rules in the respective country and the Region apply. “Because depending on the current infection, it will be done here, regional differences in the regulations. The rules for entry will change to the part in the short term, if the infection drop numbers or steigen", Jelinek says.

What is the danger in flight travel?

What’s the risk with respect to Corona for a trip, depends primarily on the holiday country. But also, the itinerary plays a role: This will basically secure, the more Isolation is possible. The car is therefore preferable, for example, coach travel. Flights are as safe, because the air in the plane with a virus-safe HEPA be cleaned by Filters. "Airports can be like all the places where people from different areas in a small space together, a Problem and it’s safe to the spread of Corona beigetragen", explains Jelinek. Ultimately, one must accept that a residual risk when in contact with other people not completely ruled out.


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