Healthy teeth: Why you should be sure to the RDA of your toothpaste check Video

Healthy teeth: Why you should be sure to the RDA of your toothpaste check Video

The supply of toothpaste in the supermarket is huge. When buying, you should consider, among other things, the RDA-value. A dentist explains why he is so important for the health of your teeth.

In front of the toothpaste shelf many people feel from the large selection of colorful tubes literally beaten to death. Should I prefer a product that a radiant Smile promises? Or a variation is the right choice? In the toothpaste-jungle, there are several aspects that the consumer should pay attention to.

About the expert

Stephan Ziegler is a principal dentist and founder of the KU64-the dental practice in Berlin.

A very important factor in the toothpaste of choice is the so-called RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion). Because toothpastes contain for a thorough cleaning, small particles, the sanding, the Tooth mechanically. This attack, however, only a Plaque and discoloration, but abrade the tooth enamel.

The optimum value is between 30 and 70

The RDA-value indicates how much the Dentin was abraded in the laboratory by the toothpaste. The higher the value, the more resistant to abrasion. Toothpastes with an RDA value of between 30 and 70 are suitable for regular use.

If the value is under 30, the cleaning effect is weak and over 70 to strongly. These products should apply to consumers, therefore, only targeted and not for daily cleaning. However, only a few manufacturers specify the value directly on the packaging, on the Internet, however, the corresponding lists.

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