Depression: How they arise and how you can help

Depression: How they arise and how you can help

In Europe, every Fourth ill a Time in the life of a Depression. It is one of the most common diseases. At the same time, appreciate a lot: Depression can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age and social Status
Crucial to this is whether a Depression occurs, is the genetic predisposition. It influences whether a person tends to develop a Depression. Specifically, it is triggered often as a result of negative life events. Sometimes, but identify no specific triggers.

A basic understanding of the disease is essential, to be able to properly help. The Problem: it is often difficult to detect. This graph shows that when Depression may be present: If at least two of the symptoms apply in the inner circle, for example, “Reduced drive” and “Depressive mood”. And, in addition, at least two symptoms in the outer circle, such as “sleep disorders” and “appetite for reduction” – and the more than two weeks.

The diagnosis may, however, only a doctor. Therefore, it is important that Concerned, go as fast as possible to the doctor – as with all serious diseases. The family doctor is a good first point of contact. Alone, this path can be very hard because the drive and the hopelessness of block Affected. Here is the help from the personal environment, is particularly valuable: It is important to make an appointment and to wish for the doctor to call.

A Depression with psychotherapy and medication, to treat: behavioral therapy is a frequently used psychotherapeutic method. The aim is to structure the everyday life and to cope with negative Thinking is automatic. The second pillar of the treatment drugs. Because of Depression and neurotransmitters in the brain out of Balance and disrupts the Transmission of impulses between nerve cells. It is believed that antidepressants restore the balance of neurotransmitters again – even if the exact mechanisms are not known. A consistent treatment shortened most of the painful Phase and minimizes the risk of relapse.

With professional help and support from the private environment of a depressive Episode may subside soon.

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