Bladder surgery incontinence

Bladder surgery incontinence

Affected quälen often unnötig long with diapers – and shame. Simple interventions köcan Blasenschwäche häoften fix

The active life genießen: The many incontinence patients do, if your bladder can hold the urine

No diapers, no wet Gefühl in the step, no shame. This is often the größte desire of women, the stäfully involuntary ­Urine lose. Sure fümiss and free. Nevertheless, many long not to go to the doctor. "Very schade" the MüMunich urology Professor Ricarda Bauer. "Für has many of the medicine today Möways to improve the Problem significantly, or even to lösen. "

A small plastic band can many a großit Stück Lebensqualität zurückbringen. It stüsupports the Harnröhre, replacing flabby tissue, so that the bladder is working again.

Boon Kunststoffbäof

The procedure with the Kunststoffbächange have revolutionized the incontinence surgery. The operations are less stressful, risikoäRomans and also more successful than the previous methods. The procedure takes approximately ­­a half-hour, and after one to two Näwant in the hospital should the patient’s home.

Loses a woman is under stress in the urine, and suffers under burden of incontinence, the Band today as the best Lösung. The DVT model have set in the 90s by a Swedish Gynäthe Crimean state medical Institute, as well as the später modified slightly DEAD-Band.


The TVT (tension-free vaginal tape = tension-free Vaginal tape) is üvia a small incision in the vagina under the Harnröhre placed above the pubic bone to the right and to the left. Finally, küthe surgeon doctor the tape so that the Ends of under the skin, not to spüren. The Stütze is in a U-shape, relaxed and stress-free right under the middle of the Harnröhre.

When DEAD, the Band will play to both sides in the direction of the deep digital flexor geführt. It is so flat, more like a mattress, under the Harnröhre. The band ends a grow of itself in the tissue.

Bä- replace fabric

Is the köbody’s own tissues became flaccid, can be a plastic band the Harnröhre stüsupport.

TVT-tape: It is in U-shape under the Harnröhre placed, it ends on the right and left above the pubic bone. The Ends are not to spüren.

DEAD-Band: this SURGICAL procedure is the tape flat used, it ends on both sides in the deep Groin.

Mini-sling: This Band is küshortener and not as wide. It has on both sides Fäthe plastic anchors that are set into the fabric.

90 percent are continent

It is important that the patients continue to train the pelvic floor. Because the Band needs the köthe body’s own tissue, the Harnröhre optimal stüsupport to köcan.

Both methods führen, according to scientific studies, to the same good results. Urologist Bauer: "About 90 percent of the patients are continent." The methods have different advantages and disadvantages.

In the TVT-Band w&auml it can;while the OP is more likely to experience complications. The danger is größhe, the bladder or große Gefäßto hurt e in the basin. Außalso, the Band m&ouml is;possible zun&auml way;first of all, too tight.

Pain during Sex möpossible

The DEAD-Band carries less surgical risks, führt but to more complaints, such as pain radiating in the leg, or problems with Sex. "The Band is so flat in the vagina, the Penis because stoßcan en. Does weh", erklärt Urologist Bauer. Sexually active women, it recommends, therefore, more of the TVT tape.

Häoften, however, it is also simply the case that a surgeon made with a method of better experiences and this is preferred. Other Lä, how ÖAustria and Sweden, have set up a Register in which the tape operations are documented. It lässt shows what the hospitals are, which methods successfully. In Germany there is not the.

Mini Alternative with a hook

In addition to the TVT – and the DEAD-Band, the so-called mini-sling (single incision sling) &ndash claims increasingly; also, a plastic strip made of yarn material, the Harnröhre stützt. But it is only in the middle as wide as the conventional Bäand müto nd the right and left, respectively, in a thread with a small hook on it. With this hook, the mini-sling in köthe body’s own tissue eingehängt. So less Fremd&shy passes;material in the pelvis, and the surgery is still.

Necessary three cuts &ndash are not; as in the case of TVT and TOT –, but only one, also the smaller the cut. Through these about an inch große Öopening in the vaginal vestibule, the Band eingef&uuml is;hrt and the Harnröhre. An experienced doctor benötaken für the engagement around zwölf minutes, a ölocal Betäexercise genügt most of the time. "This is a großit is advantageous if General anaesthesia about adipösen or very old women, very risky wären", the urologist, Dr. Alfons Gunnemann, Klinikum Lippe in Detmold says.
Unclear whether the &shy is, however, still, ;Mini sling just as good and long hält as their role models. "Because there is no procedure for so long, we still have no good Langzeitdaten", Gunnemann says. According to the previous studies, the small B&auml are;but not worse than the großen.

Surgery avoid
The majority of people with incontinence do not need surgery.

  • Pelvic floor training stäthe muscles strengthened around the bubble.
  • Diapers and templates nowadays are very absorbent. Fear of smell or damp spots is usually unbegründ.
  • Often Affected &uuml are;mountain important. If you lose weight, lässt is also incontinence.
  • Chronic constipation and chronic cough schwäcells the pelvic floor. So you should also treat this Suffering, marriage üabout SURGERY will be considered.
  • If you are suffering from urge under strong urine, you can try to educate his bladder: not very fast going to the toilet, and certainly not moved ahead, instead, the Zeitabstände stretching.
  • There is also medication to help, for example from the group of anticholinergics. These must be prescribe by a doctor. The funds köcan have to dry mouth, constipation, and even confusion führen.
  • Sometimes taking medications to ver&auml it can also be useful, ;change. Entwässernde diuretics for high blood pressure you should not take, for example, in the evening.

Error is not in the OP’s looking for

At the Urological clinic in Detmold you make the incontinence Bächange already 60 percent. Chief physician Gunnemann is of the advantages üassured. "You can recommend with a clear Conscience. Sure, the future will be." Other experts want to wait and see whether the variation in duration bewährt.

An intervention that addresses the incontinence is rarely a surgical error, but rather to unvollstäof incomplete diagnosis. Before the doctor recommends a therapy, he needs to determine what kind of Blasenschwäche, the patient suffers. "Here h&auml is;more often the cause für a Miss­­success, as a Band created incorrectly wurde", the Urologist Professor &shy says;­Daniela Schultz-Lampel. She manages the continence center in the black forest-Baar-Klinikum in Villingen-Schwenningen.

Before the SURGERY pressure bladder fairs

A good diagnostic gehören, in your opinion, among other things, a drinking – and-emptying Protocol as well as information darüabout what types of medication the patient. A bubble pressure measurement hält the expert prior to incontinence surgery für is indispensable.

It is analyzed with special catheters in the bladder and in the rectum, whether the muscles überaktiv is or whether it creates the bladder to empty completely. The only way lässt, if a tape-OP is not sufficient. Patients should contact a specialist. On the online side of the German continence society (, certified continence and pelvic floor centers, as well as ämedical advice make.

Anti-Aging agent für is the bubble

Äolder women often suffer from a Misch­incontinence. You will not lose only in the case of strain the urine, but also have stäfully the Gefühl, on the toilet mü. The bladder go into spasm, wants to drain for urine. Then, a treatment with botulinum toxin may help, may zusäin addition to a tape-OP. The Faltenglädistribution of the known active compound is injected into the bladder muscles.

"A Problem then can be that the bladder is emptied properly, because it is soothes and sufficient zusammenzieht", erklärt Schultz-Lampel. In this – however, rare – The case needs to learn the patient, a small catheter einzuführen, in order to empty the bladder.

The many is Concerned, but still better than the stäfull Gefühl, water to müto not reach and the toilet in time.

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