As a star reader found, among which is the rare disease she suffers

As a star reader found, among which is the rare disease she suffers

As Martina consecration wegsackten in March of this year in a tour bus on Mallorca the legs and she fell to the ground, appeared to fall first, as a mishap – a clumsiness, in a series of many. Soon, however, he proved to be a important piece of the Puzzle, that helped, the enigmatic suffering, to clarify the history of the 59-Year-old. First, however, you had to got to a clinic in Palma, a cast, and flew, with the support of the “Yellow angel” back to Germany. Findings: meniscal and cruciate ligament rupture.

In such a bruised, sat Martina consecration a few days later, at the consulting room of Professor Jörg Ohnsorge in Hamburg. Before your Majorca holiday you had an appointment with the orthopedist and spine specialist, you are finally healing promised. For years she suffered from back pain and fell down also, as in the holiday – again and again, without apparent cause.

Parallels to a case in the column “The diagnosis”

Jörg Ohnsorge had in June 2017 in the star-heading “diagnosis” on a case is reported, the Parallels were amazing. “When I read that, I thought: That’s me!”, Martina Weihe says. “I have exactly the Same, the same symptoms.”

This report led to dozens of patients on the right track

The case of Martina consecration on the right track, published this week in the book: “The diagnosis of new cases” and is one of 80 medical reports from the homonymous section in the star. In it, the Doctors describe how they were able to help with a once-great intuition, experience, and team work, patients who suffer from mystery symptoms.

Not infrequently, Healing begins with listening, and Jörg Ohnsorge asked Martina consecration at their first Meeting in detail according to their history. She told him that her for the first time in 2011, extremely strong, stabbing pain shot in the back and down the legs moved. They went to several orthopedic surgeons, x-ray, computer tomography and nuclear magnetic recordings, painkillers, injections and physiotherapy prescribed; your back muscles, went to the ordination to the Swim, and made water aerobics. 2013 finally, surgery, Doctors repaired the disc, and first of all the complaints. It exercises and unit training was followed by consecration of wanted to stay in motion whenever possible, she ran to the foot.

The MRI image shows the narrowing of the nerve channel that runs within the spine. Term: Spinal Stenosis

A year after the OP but the back returned pain, so strong that she managed to do 50 meters. Martina Weihe-trained iron your muscles in a specialized center, but even that brought little relief.

Then all of a sudden your legs and feet out of nowhere began to refuse their service, again and again. She stumbled to rise on their own feet and crashed: at the staircase, fell to her anyway because of the pain hard, on the sidewalk, at home. You hit the hands, scraped his knees and bumped his head and had once even a black eye. “I had no control over my legs, they were suddenly unstable,” she says.

Lightning-like failures of nerve conduction

Jörg Ohnsorge listened to his patient for a long time, asked again and again in detail, looked at the x-ray, CT and MRI images. In the end, he came to the conclusion: “you’re right. You suffer from the same disease as the patient, whose case, in the star read. They have a marked spinal canal stenosis.”

Anika Geisler: “The diagnosis of new cases”, Penguin publishing, 256 pages, 10 euros

The doctor as Detective

Why is breaking a mathematics Professor every afternoon at five o’clock? How come the spoon handle into the stomach of a student? And why is a woman of Bratwurst and roast veal dizzy? This week appears to be the book “The diagnosis of new cases” with the enigmatic patient stories, and its surprising resolution. After the great success of the first volume the editor, Medical writer and medical Doctor, Dr. Anika Geisler, 80 more cases from the star-heading “diagnostics” is selected. Here Doctors signs every week, their most unusual cases.

He explained to her the Suffering: The nerve channel that runs within the spine, was concentrated in the area of the lumbar spine. Parts of the old porous become intervertebral discs, expressed in the channel as well as on those tapes, which should normally keep the vertebrae stable. She, too, had lost their elasticity. Due to wear of the small vertebral joints were thickened, and bony hump has grown, the oppressed to the nerves in the channel. That caused the pain. And Were squeezed, the nerves, especially strong, lightning-like failures of nerve conduction, and the muscles in the legs, reached for a Moment, no commands. This happened while Running, stumbled consecration.

In addition, she had a twisted spine and suffered a slip of a vertebrae: A vertebral body was shifted and formed a stage that jutted out into the nerve canal.

“Not every narrowing of the spinal canal must be operated. If the symptoms are minor, with pain killers and Gymnastics a lot,” says Ohnsorge. “But if the legs fail and you will crash, often there is no way to an engagement. Then there is the risk in everyday life is higher than the surgical risk.”

Spinal canal stenosis – an underestimated disease

According to a study in Germany in 2011 alone, about 56,000 patients due to spinal canal stenosis stationary. Ohnsorge it considers to be one of the most underestimated diseases. Often older people are affected.

For a Long time it is Ohnsorge is a concern, to make the Suffering known. In the case of training, which he keeps for family doctors and orthopedic surgeons, he uses a trick, in order to increase the attention: He shows, in succession, several x-ray images and allows the Doctors a couple of minutes to discuss: first, the forearm fracture in a 61-year-old patient. Thereafter, the femoral neck fracture of a 62-Year-old. Then the skull is a breach of a 63-Year-old, who fell down. And finally, the inclusion of a 64-Year-olds with back pain.

At the end he asks: “And what these four cases have in common?” And continues after a Pause, continued: “It is one and the same patient!” A woman who was always falling down and whose fractures had been treated – but not a physician, had investigated, why the poor thing was so frequently plunged. Ultimately, she suffered from a spinal canal stenosis.

Doctors could come early on time on the correct diagnosis – before the bones break. Particularly important is the anamnesis, the medical history is for Jörg Ohnsorge. “The constellation of complaints is mostly typical,” he says. This includes back pain, improve include: when the person bends forward or sits down. A reduced walking distance, difficult to climb stairs and frequently sensory disturbances in the legs. Many of those Affected describe, Ohnsorge, that the legs feel as if they were “not their own”, “particularly serious” or “cotton-like”. “And they tell you that you always stumble over the curb, the walkway plate, the carpet edge or the children’s toys on the floor.”

In may, Jörg Ohnsorge Martina operated consecration. He removed from your lumbar vertebrae to those parts of the oppressed to the nerves, widened the spinal canal and the stabilisation of the bony structures. Two days after the SURGERY, the patient realized: “Oh, I’m fine.” Soon, she practiced with the physiotherapist Running on the hospital hallway, then in the hospital garden.

Finally, help for the star-reader

Ohnsorges Case narrative in the star was for Martina consecration of the breakthrough. And other let you hope. After the publication of the article, countless people came forward by letter, E-Mail or telephone in the editorial office, in order to get the Text sent to you. In the case of Jörg Ohnsorge patients representations that have recognized in the medical history of your own complaints again today – so far, there were about 200. “You came from Munich, Rostock, Brandenburg, Bremen and Hanover, and in almost all of her suspicions were confirmed: she actually suffered from a spinal stenosis,” says the orthopedist.

Martina consecration today can stand without discomfort and go. And you will not stumble. “The article has helped me, my quality of life to recover,” she says. “The best part is that I work in my garden under the hazelnut bushes, creep, and the goutweed can dig up.” At last without pain and without falling.

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