All you need to know about birth control pills

All you need to know about birth control pills

According to the UN, 45% of American women use condoms with pills. In Russia, they prefer to only 9.5% of women. But we have the most popular method of protection from unwanted pregnancy is coitus interruptus. And this in 2018!

We decided that the urgent need to conduct an educational program. Tell about oral contraceptives (OK) all you need to know every adult.

How they work OK?

Every 3-4 weeks in the ovaries Matures an egg. Then it falls into the fallopian tube and remains there for a couple of days, waiting for a meeting with sperm. This is called ovulation. Pills inhibit this process: womenwho drink OK, the egg just dies there, where is ripe.

But if she managed to get to the fallopian tube, it will not be able to resist – the pills also increase the viscosity of mucus.

How effective are they?

With proper reception for 99.7%. But in practice, pregnancy happens more often, simply because girls forget to take the pill. And many do not know that OK can not work due to vomiting, diarrhoea or other medications.

But even under these conditions, the pill is reliable by at least 92%. And coitus interruptus – 60%.

How to choose a drug?

It must be a gynecologist. For this he needs to gather information about your body: o thromboembolic disease, diabetes, and other diseases in your family. In addition, you will have to pass examination:

  • General gynecological examination;
  • A breast examination;
  • Measurement of blood pressure;
  • Fence smear;
  • Blood clotting and sugar.

The doctor advises me OK the old generation. But the newer drugs better?

All individually. The best product – the one that is right for you.

Is it possible to recover from OK?

No, it’s a myth. It appeared due to the fact that tablets of the first generation had a lot of estrogen – because it is really possible to gain weight. But since then 60 years have passed. In modern OK hormone doses are so small that you can gently round you are only in one place – in your chest. But there is a few extra cm is not a problem, right?

Can abyss libido?

Years of research says no. However, about 2% of women report that Yes. Scientists say that these ladies just have problems that are completely unrelated to OK. For example, psychological. They say, do not recognize the same, just sex with your partner for not “cake” – so they blame the pill.

And some girls just inherently more temperamental due to the high level of testosterone. The pill reduces the level of male hormones – that libido comes to the average norm. But so easy to disappear OK it can’t.

Not will I be infertile?

Quite the contrary: after the abolition of the chances of a quick pregnancy is much higher than before their admission. All due to the fact that the ovaries begin to work actively. Sometimes doctors even prescribe birth control for the treatment of infertility.

Do I need to take breaks?

No, at reception modern OK, this is not necessary.

What about side effects?

If the tool is adjusted correctly, the side effects are only positive: normalizes hormonal background, leave the pimples will cease to grow mustaches and chest hair.

But the negative side effects also occur, especially in the first month of admission. Most often it is the chest pain, nausea, diarrhea, dryness in the vagina and bleeding between periods.