Wormwood can destroy cancer cells

Wormwood can destroy cancer cells

Scientists announced the existence of the plant, which, according to their study, has the ability to destroy cancer cells. This plant was wormwood in its anti-cancer properties, was able to verify the scientific experts from the University of California.

In the article published by Mankau Verlag GmbH, says that “Artemisia Annua exhibits high performance in combating cancer cells”. Laboratory tests have shown that wormwood is capable of destroying up to 98% of the affected cells in the case of lung cancer.

The best effect, scientists were able to achieve, acting on the cancer cells the complex composition of wormwood and iron – then the destruction of malignant cells was almost complete. Use only one sage helped to eliminate only up to 28 percent of the cancerous cells.

The researchers intend to continue the study of the influence of wormwood on cancer cells and begin creation of medical apparatus on the basis of this plant. In their experiments on the effects of the extract of this plant has been used the mouse. For use of Artemisia in cancer cells in the human body is necessary to make thorough calculations and to correctly determine the dosage of the extract, because the substance of plants act as toxins. The impact of this toxinsthe must be directed exclusively to cancer cells without affecting healthy.

In the publication the researchers note that wormwood has tremendous healing potential. According to scientists, wormwood is effective against malaria and in the treatment of herpes and bacterial infections.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that to stop the reproduction of cancer cells can sugar mannose.

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