Vitamins: use and effectiveness

Vitamins: use and effectiveness

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A variety of vitamins

Diseases caused by lack of vitamins

Vitaminscan be called invisible, because they just won’t notice in food products. As for the taste properties of these important nutrients, many vitamins, the taste and not defined. The exception is vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, if the fruit or berry tart on the palate, then surely, askorbinki they present.

So taste the invisibility of vitamins leads to the fact that we cannot control their content in a particular product. If the person is long time consume food, poor in vitamins, the body, through self-regulation will be for some time to maintain the normal operation of all systems and bodies. After some time, the forces of the organism are exhausted and fail in his work, there is even a danger to human life. Vitamins are organic compoundsvery important for the normal functioning of all body systems. Treatment of consequences of vitamin deficiency can not be called simple. The body is a very complex system, its work is dependent on many different factors, and vitamins play a very important role. Magicforum have found useful than vitamins.

A variety of vitamins

On the chemical nature all the different vitamins, they can be divided in different groups. Groups vitamins it is possible to count about fifteen. Taking BAD, you should know that usually in its composition are the main group of vitamins that are present there. It is possible to name the basic vitamins such as A, D and also K, P, C and V. Some of them are fat-soluble, others are soluble only in water.

Almost all biochemical reactions of the human body are attended by such important substances such as vitamins. They can perform the role of catalysts, as well as to be active centers of various enzymes, without which normal operation of the important organs of the body impossible. The synthesis of many important hormones are just impossible without the participation of vitamins. Only some of the nutrients the body is able to synthesize on their own, the main types of them do in the human circulatory system with food. Special Supplement, adopted along with the food is able to enrich the body with essential vitamins, in which he especially needs.

Diseases caused by lack of vitamins

If the person long time does not receive vitamins, you can experience various organ pathology. For example, when severe shortage of this vitamin, like A, can disrupt vision, especially in the evening. This disease is called “blindness”. The lack of this element can be a disease of the mucous membranes including ulceration. If there is a lack of vitamin B1, it can cause the manifestation of a disease long known as “beriberi”. This disease is characterized by the fact that there are also profound disorders of the nervous system, impaired functioning of the heart, and some internal organs.

Vitamin B1 promotes the metabolism of the body and its deficiency leads to energy “starvation” of cells, especially cardiac and nervous. The lack of this element as Q4 may have different diseases of the liver, because this vitamin plays an important role in the functioning of liver cells. If there is a lack of vitamin C, the body fails to synthesize collagen. As a result of suffering the vessels, their walls become brittle. Is this variety of hemorrhage (gingival, subcutaneous, intra-articular).

In children can disrupt growth and development of bones and cartilage. This condition doctors call scorbutus rickets. Another disease, which is associated with vitamin C deficiency is scurvy, known since ancient times. When the disease is impaired absorption of folic acid and also iron ions, as vitamin C provides this process. The lack of vitamin B2 affects the mucous membrane of the lips, can occur in the mouth.

Great value and vitamin B12, deficiency which impaired maturation of blood cells — red blood cells, and the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines may atrophy. Can manifest peripheral neuropathy, which is manifested by disturbance of sensation in the extremities.

A lack of folic acid RR is especially dangerous for pregnant women as it causes various disorders of fetal growth. Folic acid is also involved in the synthesis of DNA and RNA.

If the body loses vitamin E, oxidative processes in tissues are accelerated, which leads to premature aging. The deficiency of vitamin K results in the violation of blood coagulability.

There is a lot to say about what diseases threaten the deficit of certain vitamins, but the most important point is the prevention of this deficiency. To avoid deficiency, it is necessary, at least once in six months to take vitamin complexes.

It is of particular importance for the child’s age. Today, many manufacturers offer high-quality multivitamins designed for different age groups. Eating properly and taking these vitamins, you will insure against various illnesses, your skin will gain radiant look, nails will become strong and your hair thick. Adopting special systems, it is possible to maintain vision even under heavy loads at work. The undoubted advantage of multivitamins is that they a balanced composition of various vitamins and minerals. Hard to pick up such diet which would enrich the body with useful substances.

As you can see, vitaminsare a natural shield through which our body protected from many problems. The most important thing is that the shield was not formed “hole”. From birth need to provide the body with all essential vitamins, not to have difficulties in the treatment of various diseases caused by vitamin deficiency and hypovitaminosis.

Previously it was shown that vitamins can clear cellular memory.