Spinal surgery was carried out right in the womb

Spinal surgery was carried out right in the womb

This little girl went through is unique in its surgical operation. Doctors performed on her spine in that moment, when the baby was still in the womb.

Wife Kelly of England found that their daughter Piper has a birth defect called spina bifida on the scan of the fetus by ultrasound, when the baby was only 20 weeks. Theoretically, fix this defect was only possible with the help of surgery on the spine, however, to carry out eenage was back in the time when the child is in the womb. English surgeons have never carried out such operations, so future parents went to Germany and went through the procedure, paying for it about $12 000.Piper was born prematurely on a period of 30 weeks and 4 days, and on the same day as the Professor from Germany Thomas Kohl who operated on the girl.

Technically parents learn about whether the operation was truly successful only in that moment, when Piper starts to walk. But while the doctors see no signs of problems with the baby’s spine and considers it completely healthy. Magicforum recalls that spina bifida causes weakness or paralysis of the lower extremities, which the patients remain dependent on a different kind of support when walking or special walkers. In severe cases they have to move about in a wheelchair.

Yet on the back of the child remains a very visible mark after surgery, but the surgeons assure that it will be less visible. The operation lasted three hours, the surgeons used a special fetoscope – a tiny tube with a camera and flashlight on the end, as well as two instruments with which they performed all the necessary procedures on the spine. Fetoscope introduced through the hole in the belly of the girl. In the spine, her special collagen pad, which is commonly used to treat a victim of burns. This strip is closed the exposed nerves, it can help the development of the spine and lower extremities will proceed normally. (READ MORE)

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