Soursop helps with fibromyalgia

Soursop helps with fibromyalgia

The fruits of the tropical plant Annona muricata also known as Soursop, can effectively help in fibromyalgia – a disease that results in severe sensitivity and pain in muscles and joints. In the healing effect of sour Apple with this disease were able to see scientists from the University of Seville.

“A simple decoction of the leaves sour Apple reduces symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, namely chronic pain, depression and anxiety. In this case the active substance is not addictive,” said the scientists after the study.
The scientific interest of specialists to this plant is not accidental. In folk medicine of the countries of the southern hemisphere Soursop has a long tradition of use in the treatment of various diseases, particularly, diarrhoea, head lice, ulcers, fainting, baldness and others. Conducted preclinical research, in turn, showed that Soursop can help as a means of reducing the level of inflammation in the body and symptoms of diabetes.

That this plant was effective in fibromyalgia, researchers found, after the experiments using rats. These tests have allowed researchers to determine the optimal dosage that best helped to stop the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Now researchers are preparing for clinical trials sour Apple on people.

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