Should the pill fr Bedrftige be free of charge?

Should the pill fr Bedrftige be free of charge?

Many women in Germany köVerh&uuml can;tion medium can not financially afford. The Federal government zögert, to help the Affected. Now there is a model of the project

The money is enough für the Verhütung? According to the study of the BZgA für EmpfäViking social services ömore often not

Pain medication or a pack of anti-baby pills? Women with little money müshot such decisions. And many seem to have the painkillers to wämiss. According to a study by the Bundes&shy shows;Central für health Aufklä(BZgA), that a quarter of women who receive social services from Kostengrühas dispensed with a pill or a spiral.

Fundamental Right To Family Planning

To exit this state, the Federal Council by the end of 2017 on Initiative of a number of Bundeslä- asked the government, the cost für äcertificate prescribed Verhüa means of für low-income women unbürokratisch to üaccept. Schließthe free access to Verh&uuml is;Tung means a fundamental right. This has already been decided 40 years ago at the first UN conference on human rights.

Also, the Federal government bekräengaged on a website of the Federal Ministry für economic co-operation and development. There lässt describes that every human being has the right to sexual and reproduk­tive to self-determination has – and the free access to VerhüTung means gehört, unabhäregardless of gender, age, and marital status. In this sense, föGermany promotes appropriate programs abroad. However, the Situation looks hierzu­the land of different.

16 Euro in the month of für the unemployed, for health care

Since 2004, women have a little bit of money – to zämiss also students and trainees – no longer entitled to free VerhüTung means. With the then eingefüinability to Hartz IV-laws is safe Verhüa question of the financial Situation. The unemployment benefit II looks für health care, a flat rate of around 16 euros per month.

Also Verhüto pay the processing means is hardly möpossible. A pack of anti-baby pill is, according to pro familia, up to 21 Euro, depending on the manufacturer and ­Packungsgröße. Who is a copper spiral für about füfive years l&auml use;sst will pay up to 300 euros. This corresponds to a monthly charge of approximately fünf Euro. But köcan’t go to a lot of women in advance.

Regional differences in the Kostenüacquisition

The state of Berlin and also some ­Municipalities, such as Flensburg, MüMunich, Müstern, Oldenburg and Paderborn, üaccept the cost für low-income women. "However, we need a uniform Federal Lösung", Professor Cornelia Helfferich, a sociologist, calls at the Protestant University in Freiburg, Germany. She has für the BZgA study on family planning conducted. "Otherwise, there is a difficult-to-navigate patchwork of different Lösolutions, the at any time gekübe reduced köcan."

Model project of pro familia

The need groß is, shows a model of the project, which is currently at seven locations in Germany läuft. In the context of "biko" köcan women who are on a low income or social benefits, safe and well-verträdaily Verhüa means of relatively unbürokratisch. Pro familia füby hrt, the project, the Bundes­family Ministry föpromotes it. The data collected are to serve the government as a basis to determine how many women Unterstüup need. Biko lärunning until June 2019.

Biko: So läfrom the uft, the project

Participate köcan women in Erfurt, Halle / Saale, Germany, Ludwigsfelde (district of Teltow – Fläming), Lübeck, Recklinghausen, Saarbrücover and Wilhelmshaven. You müshot prove that you do not have enough money für Verhüa means of, and also need a prescription from the Gynämusicologist. Who mökilled, in a Gespräch once again for advice. You can find more information on or at the pro familia Bundesverband (phone: 0 69/26 95 77 90).

Großhe needs

There are already signs that the Initiative urgently benöis required. "The women accept the offer very well. We have at all of our locations have a high Nachfrage", reported to Have the biko-leader, Alexandra. The bestäBrandenburg’s confirmed social Affairs Minister Diana Golze (The Left): "I know of biko in Ludwigsfelde. There, the need is enormous." It remains unclear, why the need für a already eingeräumtes fundamental right üin General repeated geprüft. Investigations of the BZgA, there were already 2015, that ­a safe Verhütung häoften the money fails.

Abortions, because Verhütung was too expensive

Add to this: Is a woman with little money, unwanted pregnancies and f&uuml decides;r an abortion, üaccept the Läof the cost. "This is cynical and inkonsequent", a politician Golze says. Since an evaluation of the socio-login Helfferich showed that women with little money who dropped out of a pregnancy, had a erhöelevated percentage verhütet. It was too expensive, they gave, as a reason. Helfferich: "Since we have the direct connection."

Another point that sometimes für irritations: a prescription Verhüto get a means, müshot women before a Gespräch with your doctor führen. "The cost für, this consultation pays the Krankenkasse", Carola Bury, consultant f&uuml says;r health policy at the chamber of labour in Bremen. "To buy the pill is then plöin addition a private matter." The Federal Ministry of health argues that Verhütung was a non-insurance performance, which is not in the catalog of funds fällt. The desire to verhüten is not a pathological condition.

Only after the model project fällt a decision

Currently a decision is whether ­safe Verhüa means of für be Low provided income women free of charge, is not foreseeable. In the coalition agreement, it was agreed to anything on this subject. "At the Moment the Ball is in Berlin", Diana Golze says. A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry für health bestäneeded: könne of the situation only then vollstäconstantly evaluate if the endgüfinal results of biko.

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