Russian pharmacies withdrew blood pressure meds on the basis of Carcinogenicity valsartan

Russian pharmacies withdrew blood pressure meds on the basis of Carcinogenicity valsartan

Recently it became known that Russian pharmacies could be up to 8 million tablets from pressure-based substance valsartan produced in China. This substance was discovered harmful impurities, including potentially carcinogenic impurity of N-nitrosodimethylamine. But, according to the statements of Roszdravnadzor, dangerous blood pressure meds Russian pharmacy were seized.

According to authorities, after it became known that the European experts found in Chinese valsartan carcinogenic impurity, in Russia manufacturers were seized over 560 series of drugs with dangerous substance. Those blood pressure meds on the basis of valsartan, which are now sold in Russian pharmacies, is safe, what informed a press-service Roszdravnadzora.

“All currently in circulation in the Russian Federation medicinal products valsartan produced from substances that are not affected by this security issue,” – said in Roszdravnadzor.
On the official website of the Department operates the service “Search withdrawn from circulation of medicines”. As explained by its representatives, with the help of this service you can verify how reliable can be purchased at the pharmacy blood pressure medicine on the basis of valsartan.

We will remind, in July the European Directorate for the quality of medical products (EDQM) found valsartan produced Chinese factory in Linhai, harmful impurities. In particular, experts pointed to the impurity of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which could appear due to marriage or change of technology. With the action of this substance on the human body associated increased risk of cancer, liver damage and even death.

Recently publishing life was informed that after the statement of the EDQM in the summer of Russian regions continued to purchase Chinese threat valsartan. The health Ministry, assured that Russian pharmacies can now safely buy medicines from pressure-based valsartan, said that the territorial bodies of the Ministry was given additional instructions to control the whole process of product recall of the dangerous substances in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

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