Newborn killed kiss

Newborn killed kiss

Newspaper Metro reported on the tragic case, which ended with the death of a newborn baby, which occurred in the County of West Yorkshire (UK). Local couple, who became parents lost a daughter – the death of the girl, according to doctors, has led kiss someone from the family.

The girl’s mother told that to get rid of the baby she had during pregnancy. After the ultrasound she heard from physicians that the fetus has a chance of developing down syndrome. However, the proposal to terminate the pregnancy the woman replied with a categorical refusal.

“I decided that if she was born with down syndrome, then so be it. I will not love her less,” said the Briton.
Two days after birth, the mother and the newborn baby (she was born by caesarean section) came home, but soon again came to the hospital, the child suddenly began to lose weight. The survey showed that a baby herpes and blood poisoning. The doctors said most likely the baby was infected through kissing someone of the relatives.

First, the girl was hooked up to life support, but it quickly became clear that even if the child survives, her brain would be severely damaged. Two weeks later the parents took the decision to stop this painful for the newborn organism’s struggle for existence. Otherwise, baby could’ve been in a coma for an indefinite amount of time.

“In the worst nightmares I could not prividetsya that a kiss will kill my child” – confessed the girl’s mother.
The Briton vowed to do everything to people to learn more about the dangers of herpes.

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