Men genetically are prone to compulsive gambling

Men genetically are prone to compulsive gambling

Having studied the brain avid gamers, American scientists came to the conclusion that men because of genetic reasons are more prone to dependency on computer games, reported CNN. In the brain of men, the experts found a specific activity, which was not observed neither were women nor in healthy people.

In the new study involved men and women who suffered from a gambling addiction and had no such problems. They conducted an MRI examination at rest.

As a result, scientists found that men who suffered from Pyromania, was observed unique functions of the brain in the region of upper frontal gyrus – area of the prefrontal cortex, responsible for impulse control. Nobody else has the same brain activity professionals have not seen.

Scientists spoke about the fact that addiction to gambling men and women are formed differently. Men, in their opinion, more influenced by genetic factors in the development of such a relationship. According to them, a penchant for gambling lays in men in adolescence, when they often increased testosterone, and these are related to risky behavior, aggressiveness.

“While it is impossible to say whether we have found in the brains of men changes the risk factor of gambling or a consequence of it. To find out, we need a new quest,” said the authors.
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